Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Science Squee!

Transit of venus science-porn.

Its a good day - we went up to the local wee observatory and were thrilled by everything.  Everyone is so excited.

Astronomical crowd. (Ha!  See what I did there?!)  And a bit of the leftover snow.

Brass 'scope which could safely project without melting important bits inside.

And the projection, during a cloudy moment, unfortunately:

Inside they had a live stream running from the big telescope:
 And The Mini One with the big 'scope itself:

We also snuck the dude's viewer and had a look with our own unassisted eyes, we could see the planet, and it blew my mind.  I'm not sure why seeing it naked made such a mental difference to me - but there you have it.

And finally, The Magic-postdoc One having a look outside:
 So, so brill.  So much science win.

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