Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Graphs

No, seriously - yay.


(am I convincing anyone?)


The Mini One submitted her MSc thesis!
You just...hand it over?!

Yesterday was a good day.  She printed b&w and colour and then I helped shuffle them all together.  The soft binding was actually really cool, when The Married One got it done it was all out the back and we saw nothing, but this time we could see the machine and its basically a heater - there are fabric strips with glue on them (in colours - you don't have to have black!), and the machine clamps them on and heats them up.  I assume the glue seeps in a bit to grab all the pages.
You know there is no way I'm running with black bound on black backing card now, right?!
God but thesis look pretty when they finally get soft bound.  And I don't think I have ever seen happier faces than those on people submitting.  Perhaps I need to attend more weddings/births (oh ew!), but then again - you cook a thesis for longer than a baby... (I'm kidding Mum, sheesh).

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