Sunday, June 10, 2012


Sunday.  Urgh.

Its actually been a pretty great weekend.  Subdued a little, what with upheaval and change and so on, but great for thesis.  I moved house, and am now inflicting my presence on the ever-tolerable Old One.  I'm like a travelling parasitic house-leech this year.  Its quite novel, and surprisingly has lead to my getting to know more of the city than I ever had before.  I also think the constant humbling reminder of how great/welcoming/wonderful people can be, is good for the soul.

You know that festering black pile of sludge residing beside the frozen, brittle, black & oily thing I call a heart?  Yeah.  That.

Watched some chilled out, sweet rugby with sweet peeps on Saturday, whilst getting the odd text from bigsib in London, whose fiancé was apparently glued to the lappy watching the same.  She dared raise the opinion, when faced with a non-response from the parentals (whom were, it turns out, out for dinner at friends) that ickle-brother is now the favourite, since he is most likely to reproduce in the near future.  Good god.  But then, Mum was baking all day yesterday in prep for a trip down to HB to visit the little bugger...

Catching a new French film this evening with The Authoress, to whom I can finally give the bday pressie I've been hanging on to for ages.  Can't wait for my movie fix.

We are going to visit the Placental One on Wednesday to meet her brand new babe, and hopefully fill a good  hour or so with cuddles and general squee'ing.  We're all going to bake various goods to fill her freezer, and I just cannot freaking wait.  Yay!  Baby!

Speaking of babies, mine is growing day by day.  Progress!  Yuss!  (an aside: how do you tell if a thesis-baby is male or female?!)

The uni webpage redesign has popped up into permanent existence this weekend; the sci banner version is pretty.  Stupid, but pretty.  Who would ever fill a flask up that high?!  And why is my research never visible in such vivid colours?
I feel so under represented

And now I'm going to make tea and walk down to the Leith for a modicum of sun before its back to chapter 6.

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