Monday, June 18, 2012

My sweet hat

Talked about this before.  Bought the pattern, and had my Nana whip it up for me (seriously, it took her a microsecond).

Mum sent it back amongst various goodies, I whipped up a pompom and here we go:
Gasp!  Is that your...grumpy face?!

No, just slightly sad - The Married One leaving me today and all.  In fact, they're on the road north, right now.
Yeah, still slightly scary.

Back view:

Gorgeous pompom.  And no - they are not heart shapes in white.  They are speckles.  Speckles I tell you.  None of this nasty heart-bollocks.
No less scary.  Oh well.

I love my new hat!  I love my Nana more.

This made me bark with laughter today:

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