Sunday, June 3, 2012

MIB: cubic awesome

Caught MIB3 with three of my favourite biochemists this evening (what's that you ask? Just how long *is* that list? I'll never tell) and it was complete gold.

Awesome awesomesauce.


I was obviously enthused enough from the trailer to go see it, but apart from that my expectations were fairly passive.

I def liked the first two when I was younger (the first one was in '97?! Really?! Shit, I got old) but what with the Avengers group movies thrilling my cinematic-bone at the mo, I was prepared for less than stellar feelings in comparison.

But no- it was funny, the plot was well thought out and not besieged with the dreaded third-movie bollocks, and the twists were delightful. And as seems traditional with sequels, characters were developed further than ever before- what with very little time spent recapping the previous instalments.

It should be noted - that man (J/WS, obviously) was *born* to wear a black suit. And the scene with him playing play station in a wifebeater - *swoon*. I'm definitely an *arms* girl. Yum.


I love the potentially politically incorrect quips, and the delightful sneaky twists on history- Andy Warhol being an undercover MIB agent for example, and sick of his own feigned pretentiousness. Or all models being aliens, with J having found that out the *hard* way. Ick.

A new character, and arguably minor hero of the current movie (parallels with the keymaker much?), Griffin; the last of his species and a being capable of seeing all possible futures simultaneously, was lovely. Wearing an eclectic hobo-assortment of clothing and possessing the most brilliant blue eyes, he lent the god-element to the story. Omniscient benevolent being, satisfied with mere observation, but hoping for the 'good' outcome.

The good guys win and history is set to rights, obviously. But perhaps we should leave the time travel to the Doctor, and destroy those pesky, easily available time travel devices lying about, hmm?

Damn but I love SciFi movie escapism.

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