Monday, June 11, 2012

City circuit

So I got to thinking/reminiscing and turns out - I have 9 place pins for 9 years in Dunedin, though the time distribution is not nearly so neat.  And, of course, I still own one very special pin (which I bought when I was 22: ohmygod). (Old old old).

Its a reasonable spread, I think.  I doubt such a thing should ever again occur within a city- the flat changing sitch common during Dunedin undergrad years is not likely to happen twice (oh god - I hope).

I have now lived longer in Dunedin than any other location in the country - there's a scary thought.

~1 year Havelock North
~1 year Wellington
8 years Taupo
7 years Havelock North
9 years Dunedin

Holy crap.  Ok, I feel old.  Lets not think on this further.

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