Monday, June 25, 2012

Be Brave

You know those days when the powers combine to make you feel like you have to either punch a wall or make tea?

Yeah, I just made tea.

Life is hard and I never get what I want and shit is so unfair and I'll get over my silly first world problems slash princess whinging tomorrow.


Dropped TCO off at the airport with her male half for their departure to Europe yesterday, the office is a measure quieter as a direct result. I'm looking forward to being wildly jealous over the postcards which she had better send. In case you missed it love: Hint. Hint.

The Gore One impromptually whipped up some sweet creme brulee last night. It was amazing, and I was beyond impressed. I've never tried to make it myself. Mad props. Totally made my Sunday.

The Mother is staying with the grandmother while her new hip heals a bit - and awoke to find the carpet soaked from a broken hot water cylinder. Blame was, at first, placed on the two dogs, but that's a lot of water for two medium dogs to produce, and the day before at that (Logan is monarch of the Nans's house - the dogs get the parents' house, up the road, but come to visit to be reminded of their place by the cat).

Caught Brave on Sat morning with TOO & Co; it was brilliant. I loved the accents and her hair. Oh my god - want.  It was beautiful. The detail in these things these days, blows my mind (yes, I am that old...). Mad props to the message and the strong female lead role and so on and so forth. My amazonian-feminist side was appeased, and it had both humour and scary bits that made me jump and only just avoid elbowing TOO's cousin in the ribs (yes, yes - I'm old and a fucking Mallowpuff, I know). I'd definitely recommend seeing it, though it would be just as good on DVD, so no biggie to see it at the cinema. Fuck being assigned a prince to make your story end "happily ever after". Make your own fate - BAM.

A group of peeps at work bought the roulette pizza from Hells on Friday (Waaaaaay too chicken to get in on that), I went to watch the consumption, and of course; TCO got the spiked piece. It was pretty funny. Slow to hit, which made it anticlimactic at first, but the buildup to insane-plus-tears made it better. The Baby One picked up a wee tub of their second-hottest sauce at the same time and cooked me pasta for dinner that night - it was awesome. Initial freakout and shock, but then the flavours are delightfully changed and after the first hit the rest is quite delightful. And of course - you only ever need the tiniest bit, so there is plenty left to trick visitors into trying straight. Strangely enough, all the boys in the flat tried it straight - and all got hiccups. Weird.

TOO and her lovely Mum are making me dinner tonight, (because I'm spoilt and lucky) and I am very much looking forward to a not-working dinner. Yay.


...Back to wall punching? Urgh.

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