Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mane event

I'm in a weird mood.

Probably to be expected.

I hate the subconscious expectations you have without even realising, which affect your behaviours in hilarious and ridiculous ways - and occasionally, in heartbreaking ones.  Like preferring one set of stairs because someone is more likely to use those ones, and encounters are...pleasurable.  Like expecting someone else to turn up and make tea with me in the morning.  Like always.  But they wont again.  Ever.


Got a haircut last evening.  My normal chick has moved up to Tauranga and I got her replacement - a completely lovely girl who is friends with NC, and had heard about the time she cut me in a fringe - waaaaay too short, and had a wee cry.  Hilarious.  And, like clockwork; "gosh, its like a lions mane!"  Brilliant.

We chopped about 10cm off, and it is so much nicer.  The colour growing out had made the very ends, which were copper colours, quite dry.  So now it looks darker, neater and healthier.  Still a touch of fruit salad colours throughout the ends, but they wont last much longer.

Weird mood.  I did warn you.

It feels super short, but the Married One was saying it is still very long, and it looked longer last night when it was straightened.  (I'm just not a fan - I always wash the straight, straight out).  Last week, for comparison:

My hair is just so entertaining.  I'm sure bigsib would be proud.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to further distract myself with some research into global wind current causes.

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