Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Little things

I keep reminding myself: it's the little things that become important.

Like right now? I'm wearing brand new winter jimjam pants fresh from the wash and warm from the hot water cupboard.

I'm cozy and toasty and it is good.


We had a lab dinner tonight, with a visiting Prof, and I had steak- probably the first in at least two months. It was gooooood. My lab group is full of brilliant people right now. Good food, a lovely Otago Peregrine red, and a good blend of talk both science and smack. Love it.


I saw Avengers on Sunday with TOO and her cousin, and I completely loved it. I am hesitant to say much, because I know some of my peeps have yet to go, but brilliant stuff. I want to see it again; best kind of recommendation, right?!

Go to bed, you're tired.

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