Monday, May 14, 2012

A Kiss with a Fist

Is better than none.


Its Monday - isn't it always?  I bought slippers yesterday, like the fool I am I sent all my winter shit up north at the beginning of the year - I never expected to be here this long.  My lovely Mother, however, informed me during our mothers-day call that we were to expect snow to 500m this week and we decided it was perhaps time to admit defeat and go buy some slippers.

And also to contemplate going up north for a couple of weeks for a writing retreat.  Might be a good idea.  Will have to think on it.  The maternal grandmother is having her hip pulled out soon, would be a good time to visit - and do her cleaning for her.  Maybe bake a little in her new kitchen....ok, I meant write, chill.

Catch up with my babies, whom I'm beginning to think like the great-and-grand-parents better than me.

Logan has been feasting on human-grade tuna, because Nans didn't read the labels properly.  He loves her.  She informed me yesterday (yes, yes - Mothers day phone calls) that she is not going to buy him food any more, rather - mince and steak, which she will cut up and freeze in individual servings for him.  Because, she tells me, he really likes it - eats it all and looks for more.  Honestly, how did I raise animals with such manipulative powers?!

I shit you not.  That cat is never coming home.

And Trouble, well - he's working on usurping Jimmy's rightful place.

I miss my babies.

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