Saturday, May 19, 2012

A journey

The beautiful Married One handed in yesterday.  It was the most amazing day I have experienced in about...well, how can I even put a qualifier on that?!  I imagine it shall only be eclipsed by my own hand-in day (stop crossing your fingers, you traitor!).

After the normal couple of days of printing fuckups and nail-biting, there was finally collection of printing, insertion of coloured pages, soft-binding, CD appendix-burning/panicking and gluing, and dropping of copies into a box to be carried over to the clock tower.  At which point, she looked like this:
Looking happy.  So, so happy.

And yes, that is a thesis cake drawn on the whiteboard in the background, and yes it does have 4-and-a-quarter candles.  A beautiful wee quarter-candle...

So then those of us around the office at the time formed a parade and followed TMO to the clock tower.
A Beautiful Day

It was actually pretty exciting, we all didn't have too much of a clue as to what was expected or what we were exactly supposed to do, so, of course; we get to the PhD office and no one is there to accept the box-of-magic.
A Magic Box in an Empty Office

We did find one lady next door, who accepted the copies, signed declaration and handed over the generic congratulatory detritus.
Go on, let it go, you can do it

Now, TMO used LaTeX to write/format her thesis and I have to say - the thing looks beautiful.  Its a bit of a monster - bigger than any previous theses in or around the lab (and I am proud to say I have read almost every single word :P), but by god is it gorgeous.
Ooooo baby

The bar was already set pretty high, but way to put the pressure on for the rest of us.

Its a bit of a tradition at Otago to receive a chocolate fish from the PhD office when you hand in, I have no idea where it came from or when it started - but there you have it.  A chocolate fish in recompense for years of work and fees and lets not start that rant here.  Still - its cute.
Famous fishie

I don't think I have ever seen anyone look quite so happy to be holding a chocolate fish.  Everyone else was looking pretty happy too, and from this moment south the day only got more jovial - flowers and chocolate and drinks and then more drinks at the Staff Club and then epic chips-and-aoli and wedges and then more drinks at Biochem happy hour and then dinner (can you still call it dinner near 9 pm?) at VB and then more drinks at Albar (bless!  Also - missing you dinosaur-boy!) and so on and so forth.  Brilliant evening.
So much stoked right now

I find myself filled with renewed purpose - so, so much vicarious fun just with TMO finishing.  I am so proud and excited for my homegirl.  The future be exciting.


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