Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Genome Knuts

The Knitting One sent me a link to these this past weekend.  My mind is both blown and a wee bit disappointed - so many people will just think them a sporadic pattern and not appreciate the shear awesomeness, nor the epic amount of time and planning involved.
WIG-1 gene quilt, front
From the site:

"The human WIG-1 gene is involved in the p53 dependent growth regulatory pathway. "The activity of the p53 tumor-suppressor protein has a key role in controlling both cancer and aging; underactivity encourages the growth of cancer, and overactivity can accelerate the aging process." (Lane, D. Curing cancer with p53. New England Journal of Medicine 2004; 350; 26: 2711-2.) Part of the WIG-1 gene's DNA sequence is encoded in the triangle blocks, which are then quilted to show the molecular structure of DNA. The border quilting includes explanatory text and a double helix design. Photo by Susan Byrne"

You know your mind is a little blown.  This is the key:
And a PhD student's quilt:
Rachel, here.  Beautiful work.

I'm impressed, but not inspired.  My quilt plans go more something like this:
I can't even remember where I found it or who it belonged too, but its been in my folder-for-inspiration for a wee while.  Now I just need some of that 'time' shiz.  And some subtle science elements snuck in for fun.

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