Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dark and Darker

So occasionally the friendly teasing-banter gets too much (and feels like high school bullying.  Just saying), or the mood is not solid enough to deal with the constant "dance monkey, dance!" barrage and the Married Ones save your day (and tear ducts) with pool and a movie.

We went in hoping to catch Avengers (again for me, first time for them) but it was sold out, so we got tickets for a later showing of Dark Shadows instead, and whiled away the in-between time playing at the Poolhouse.

[Because I can't find one and my copy is up north, imagine a screencap of Mr Darcy playing pool in the billiards room at Netherfield, when Lizzie walks in after the butler unhelpfully tells her that Mr Bingley is in the Drawing Room.  You know I know that shit too well.  And you know despite your face palming, you are a little impressed that I can both describe it perfectly from memory, and that you know exactly what I mean.]

Final result: 2-1-1, with the boy third winning the day.  I have to say, my game is erratic at best.  I'm shit, I'm shit, I'm shit, I sink 4 in a row, I'm back to shit.  Hilarious.  And this was sober - get a couple in me and the skill-highs are higher, and the crap-lows are lower.  Not going to be a professional pool player ever, I'm pretty sure.

Dark Shadows was good - I had no expectations and found it to be delightfully dark, ridiculous and a bit sardonic.  The Married One was a little disappointed, she had been wanting to see it and did have expectations.

I loved the magical face make-up which appears when you turn vampire - hilarious.  And the sex scene was off the chain.  Oh - and the vomit.  Brilliant.  See the movie, and you will understand my glee.

Fragile glass heart incapable of loving, indeed.

Burton, Depp and Helena BC - pretty much assured to get my positive movie vote.


  1. Oh I really want to watch Pride and Prejudice now...

    1. Hah! Check out what Homegirl emailed me. Brilliant, we all are.

  2. Ah no, your pictures aren't coming up for some reason?!