Friday, April 20, 2012

Yeah, that's me

God, I hate being sick.  Feeling slightly better today though, and am back at work for the great (bi)annual lab-clean up (like I could miss an opportunity to clean!).

In other news, Farm Girl is in town and we are catching up this avo, I can't wait.  That girl is all kinds of awesome.

In other, other news - my Dad got an upgrade and I've ended up with an iPhone.  Crazy, eh?  Pretty fun times setting that shiz up.

In other, other, other news - I want to be finished with the figures for the second of two chapters I am working on right now, by the end of the weekend.  Survivorship curves and comparisons left now, mostly.  Some crazy-cakes, some very pretty.  My two favourite chapters, figures finished - good.  (and before you get all up on your judging horse for a ride - we are talking massive amounts of data here, think 15 pages of graphs in the first instance).

Time for a pre-emptive load of glassware washing, I think.  No rest for the snotty (bar that day-and-a-half I just spent in bed watching old eps of QI, feeling ridiculously sorry for myself and wishing my Mummy was closer to come give me a hug...)

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