Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sundays, eh?

I've been in the lab for what feels like forever (shut it, you; Mrs Married One) but its been particularly lovely today - completely deserted and blissfully serene.

I'm playing chilled-out Sunday music, have worn each combination of bare feet, jandals and the sweet, sweet socks-in-jandals combo throughout the day (I'm only in the office writing, not in the lab, fyi) and sung out loud when the urge struck.

You know you're a tiny bit jealous of my bitchin' style

None of these things are appropriate in company.  No, not even socks-and-singing.  Especially my singing.

Especially my singing.

And you don't want to ask why I had a pair of socks in my handbag, you just don't.

It's interesting the vacillation of moods, even within a day - from despair to jubilation, my thesis is evoking the lot.  Urgh.

It's been a beautiful weekend, weather-wise.  I snuck out to the beach for an ice cream & wander with the Mini One mid-afternoon and while the wind had picked up a bit, it was still completely glorious.  I have a bit of colour on my shoulders again, the last kiss of summer, perhaps.  Plenty of people on the beach, walking, swimming and dogging - cute; though it tugged at my heart strings to not have Trouble with us.  Also did a double drive by of my house - it's still standing, and that's about all I can tell from the hideous street view.  I hope the tenants are loving it as much as it deserves...and mowing the lawn.

Easter has snuck up fairly quickly, and the daylight saving time change has screwed me up time-wise.  But next weekend I'm off up to Auckland for a big family/settlers reunion shindig thing.

Add 100 years, and I'm there.

I'm flying into Aux on Thursday, early flight from Dunedin, which always sucks donkey balls- but it will be brill to see the family again.  Even if it has only been a couple of months.  Busy days Friday and Sat and then back in D-town by 4 on Sunday.  Probably exhausted.

So, just a sneaky chapter to finish by Wednesday night, and I get as many Mummy-hugs as I want to heal my broken heart next weekend.  Lovely.


  1. Heh, I will be on the horrible early flight on Wednesday, I'm making David drive me to the airport!! I've just been emailed an *itinerary* from my dad, it appears we're visiting every distant relative in the wider Wellington region. Oh joy.

    1. Nice, family Easter weekends all round, huh? Hug your Mum for me!