Saturday, April 21, 2012

Let's try this out

I'm not usually a fan of writing-on-the-go, as it were, but did trial a blogging app on my iPod a wee while ago, not much to my satisfaction.

Will give the iPhone version a wee go, see what happens.

You just can't really beat typing on a full key board with a big screen though, you know?!

The picture sitch might be the game changer: usually I pull out the point-and-shoot, whip out the SD card and pop it into my computer; but being able to shoot, crop and post might just exponentially increase the random shit I feel *must* be shared with the world.

Sucks to be you.

For example, a couple days back we sat in the sun on the North Ground for afternoon tea, I spent a wee bit picking the most beautiful acorn from amongst the early autumn detritus, and put it on my desk. It was the most lovely deep golden colour.

It's *faded*.

I don't know why I was so surprised, but I was so disappointed. Now it's just a dull-tan-pretty, instead.

In other news, caught up with the always lovely Farm Girl (ah-a problem, how do you link on this thing? Or italicise for that matter?!) for a coffee yesterday, and I can't believe how much it *doesn't* feel like much time has passed, yeah?! Crazy. Definitely one of my favourite people. Hugs, sweetie!

And in sadder news, since I feel like I started a wee story by introducing the topic last week- it would appear I am allergic to my new, albeit delightful smelling, hair conditioner. Epic, crazy-making amounts of *itch*, and great big chunks of my scalp sloughing off: Not. Cool. And the lady that served me in the shop was such a rude bitch, I doubt she'd be interested in giving me a refund. I might email the actual product company, see what they say. My mane is cause of such a great saga, I think it should have its own soap opera.

Now there's a thought.

EDIT: ok, so the pics come out massive and hideous, will have to sort that out. Just imagine my pretty acorn, yeah?

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