Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Black tea and chocolate

Are having a freaking party in my mouth right now.  There's been a shortage of milk in the department kitchen after hours and weekends lately (godamn undergrads all up in our coffee sitch!), so I've been rocking the tea black, and loving the change.  I'm pretty sure we're down to the tea bags that have been in the jar for at least 25 years - new ones get chucked on top each weekday morning.  Both types of coffee are empty (fair trade and non), the milo is gone before 5pm each day anyway - but the 25 year old tea?  Still going strong.

Its been crazy busy.  In a laxed-out, sweet kind of way... you know?

I've been cranking out the paper reading, graph making, data analysing, data inputting, and so on since I got back Sunday night - hence the sweet aspect; uni has been closed till tomorrow, and even then the minions undergrads are away on midsemester break for the week - sweet.  More on the family-fun-times a bit later, but for now - things I've been storing up to share.

Because I love you.

Oooooooh!  Yeah.  Deal with it.

Easter eggs for squee:

Another, sweeter, one here which I can't seem to embed.
TARDIS EGG - Real Pysanky Style Chicken Egg - STAND INCLUDED
Some awesome science, because at heart - we're all still kids (scientists, I mean, though same applies for 'adults').

Homeboy with a pic of my fav shells.

More crazy science - a completely silent room which will drive you mad if you stay in it long enough ~45 minutes.  Your brain cannot handle the absence of sound and fills in the gaps with auditory hallucinations, you also have to sit because your ears feed-back sound to help you orient and balance.  Crazy.  Via.
The Quietest Place on Earth Will Drive You Insane Within 45 Minutes

Beautiful, beautiful books:


And epic slow-mo demolition of a tea party.  I'm a sucker for the shattering glasses filled with coloured liquid.  Via.

My Easter weekend was fun, and I feel all rejuvenated and shit.  Family-time-cure-for-all, huh?

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