Monday, April 30, 2012


A death.  I don't want to talk about it.

Single and strange

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Guess what?

Nothing, actually.  Just felt like having a chat.

Ok, so maybe procrastination is a wee factor.
No.  Surely not procrastination.

The new conditioner is a win so far - my hair feels lovely and my scalp is calm - makes such a difference to ones good mood!  I know how much you care about my hair sitch, I'll keep you up to date, never fear.  I'm starting to wonder if the length/volume is still good or bordering on ridiculous, do I trim it up?  That shit is massive, I don't think photos do it full justice.  I'm sure my Mum will be on the phone in a mo demanding I get a haircut, and I know the bigsib has been on about it forever - but then she never has been a fan of big hair.  Random turn of conversation.  Moving on.

TCO introduced to me Peaches at her dinner party on Saturday last, consequently, this song has been stuck in my head:
Reasonably random.  It would appear Electric shenanigans are tickling my audio bone at the moment, how odd.

Watched Hulk (the 2008 version) and Captain America last night.  You know I've seen Thor too many times, so now I just need to recap the Iron Man's and I'm good to go.  Soon, soon.

Go do some work, honestly.

Or you know - a haircut and a real job.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Les femmes du 6ème étage

Went to see The Women on the 6th Floor on Sunday with the Authoress, after a brilliant catch-up natter and an emergency run for ice cream - the movie turned out to be one of the best I have seen all year.

I love how so much is left unsaid.  I feel like the universe is not assuming me stupid, for a change.  Delightful.  And I love the security of knowing that the end is most likely going to be happy.  See it.


Its Anzac Day today, this morning I ran from the lab and instead of proofing the Married One's first 2 chapters in the sun, I watched Act of Valor at the Flat-on-Queen.  It was actually really good, I might have been trying really hard to keep stoic eyes at the end, but then you know how I get in movies anyway.  Such a dichotomy in my psyche.

Was back in the lab for lunch, never fear.  TMO's chapts are half done and I am about to quit for the evening, its just been minions honours kids and I in the office and I'm feeling rebellious.  I might try for an Iron Man sesh, in prep for my darlings coming back this week.

An update on the Mane Saga - The Matrix-Biolage-allergic-horrificness-bottle was relegated to the back shelf (want some?  I have almost a whole bottle going spare!)

I am now trialling Joyco, and for a whole day so far I haven't wanted to rip my scalp right off my head, so - good things, so far.
Silk Result Smoothing Conditioner
We'll see what happens.  I'm not exactly trusting in the hair product company department.  Such outrageous lies and claims!  Lies!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I bet they think their job is the best in the world.
Love it all.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oh, definitely


A thousand times, yes. (you'd get a million times yes, if the ring were a little better...)


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Let's try this out

I'm not usually a fan of writing-on-the-go, as it were, but did trial a blogging app on my iPod a wee while ago, not much to my satisfaction.

Will give the iPhone version a wee go, see what happens.

You just can't really beat typing on a full key board with a big screen though, you know?!

The picture sitch might be the game changer: usually I pull out the point-and-shoot, whip out the SD card and pop it into my computer; but being able to shoot, crop and post might just exponentially increase the random shit I feel *must* be shared with the world.

Sucks to be you.

For example, a couple days back we sat in the sun on the North Ground for afternoon tea, I spent a wee bit picking the most beautiful acorn from amongst the early autumn detritus, and put it on my desk. It was the most lovely deep golden colour.

It's *faded*.

I don't know why I was so surprised, but I was so disappointed. Now it's just a dull-tan-pretty, instead.

In other news, caught up with the always lovely Farm Girl (ah-a problem, how do you link on this thing? Or italicise for that matter?!) for a coffee yesterday, and I can't believe how much it *doesn't* feel like much time has passed, yeah?! Crazy. Definitely one of my favourite people. Hugs, sweetie!

And in sadder news, since I feel like I started a wee story by introducing the topic last week- it would appear I am allergic to my new, albeit delightful smelling, hair conditioner. Epic, crazy-making amounts of *itch*, and great big chunks of my scalp sloughing off: Not. Cool. And the lady that served me in the shop was such a rude bitch, I doubt she'd be interested in giving me a refund. I might email the actual product company, see what they say. My mane is cause of such a great saga, I think it should have its own soap opera.

Now there's a thought.

EDIT: ok, so the pics come out massive and hideous, will have to sort that out. Just imagine my pretty acorn, yeah?

You love it

The sight of rotting food in the morning.  I used to sneak bits of bread and shit into plastic ziplock bags when I was little - stash them places and watch them rot, I don't think Mum was ever very impressed.  Science, baby.
One Third, photo series of rotting food by Klaus Pichler

One Third, photo series of rotting food by Klaus Pichler
By Klaus Pichler, more here/via.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Yeah, that's me

God, I hate being sick.  Feeling slightly better today though, and am back at work for the great (bi)annual lab-clean up (like I could miss an opportunity to clean!).

In other news, Farm Girl is in town and we are catching up this avo, I can't wait.  That girl is all kinds of awesome.

In other, other news - my Dad got an upgrade and I've ended up with an iPhone.  Crazy, eh?  Pretty fun times setting that shiz up.

In other, other, other news - I want to be finished with the figures for the second of two chapters I am working on right now, by the end of the weekend.  Survivorship curves and comparisons left now, mostly.  Some crazy-cakes, some very pretty.  My two favourite chapters, figures finished - good.  (and before you get all up on your judging horse for a ride - we are talking massive amounts of data here, think 15 pages of graphs in the first instance).

Time for a pre-emptive load of glassware washing, I think.  No rest for the snotty (bar that day-and-a-half I just spent in bed watching old eps of QI, feeling ridiculously sorry for myself and wishing my Mummy was closer to come give me a hug...)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just Found

Tea in my keep cup which I made at lunch time - and its still warm.  I'm grinning.


Also, two bucket-loads of awesome:
Via.  So, so brilliant.

Via.  So, so, so awesome.  We watched it three times in the office because different people kept starting half way through.  Though TBO had the suggestion that they should have just put up a sign saying "Do NOT push button", then all the shit going down is the fault of the person who does succumb.

My hair

Smells like a fucktonne of delicious right now.  New conditioner - I got bored (yeah, yeah - as I do) so we're changing it up.
What?  No - I don't have any hair to spare.

But that's completely beside the point.

TCO sent me a link to this dude last night - drawings in pencil which are photo realistic.  This is my fav:

By Paul Lung.  More here.  Amazing.

And as an aside - I got on a roll yesterday and was in the office from 7:30 am till about a quarter to 10 pm.  I'm feeling all inspired and shit.  Bit of a break through, feels good.  Going to run with it, you kids play amongst yourselves for a bit!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Black tea and chocolate

Are having a freaking party in my mouth right now.  There's been a shortage of milk in the department kitchen after hours and weekends lately (godamn undergrads all up in our coffee sitch!), so I've been rocking the tea black, and loving the change.  I'm pretty sure we're down to the tea bags that have been in the jar for at least 25 years - new ones get chucked on top each weekday morning.  Both types of coffee are empty (fair trade and non), the milo is gone before 5pm each day anyway - but the 25 year old tea?  Still going strong.

Its been crazy busy.  In a laxed-out, sweet kind of way... you know?

I've been cranking out the paper reading, graph making, data analysing, data inputting, and so on since I got back Sunday night - hence the sweet aspect; uni has been closed till tomorrow, and even then the minions undergrads are away on midsemester break for the week - sweet.  More on the family-fun-times a bit later, but for now - things I've been storing up to share.

Because I love you.

Oooooooh!  Yeah.  Deal with it.

Easter eggs for squee:

Another, sweeter, one here which I can't seem to embed.
TARDIS EGG - Real Pysanky Style Chicken Egg - STAND INCLUDED
Some awesome science, because at heart - we're all still kids (scientists, I mean, though same applies for 'adults').

Homeboy with a pic of my fav shells.

More crazy science - a completely silent room which will drive you mad if you stay in it long enough ~45 minutes.  Your brain cannot handle the absence of sound and fills in the gaps with auditory hallucinations, you also have to sit because your ears feed-back sound to help you orient and balance.  Crazy.  Via.
The Quietest Place on Earth Will Drive You Insane Within 45 Minutes

Beautiful, beautiful books:


And epic slow-mo demolition of a tea party.  I'm a sucker for the shattering glasses filled with coloured liquid.  Via.

My Easter weekend was fun, and I feel all rejuvenated and shit.  Family-time-cure-for-all, huh?

Monday, April 2, 2012


Gizzy had this up today:

And the vid, which is gold.

Can the owl?  Just a little bit?!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sundays, eh?

I've been in the lab for what feels like forever (shut it, you; Mrs Married One) but its been particularly lovely today - completely deserted and blissfully serene.

I'm playing chilled-out Sunday music, have worn each combination of bare feet, jandals and the sweet, sweet socks-in-jandals combo throughout the day (I'm only in the office writing, not in the lab, fyi) and sung out loud when the urge struck.

You know you're a tiny bit jealous of my bitchin' style

None of these things are appropriate in company.  No, not even socks-and-singing.  Especially my singing.

Especially my singing.

And you don't want to ask why I had a pair of socks in my handbag, you just don't.

It's interesting the vacillation of moods, even within a day - from despair to jubilation, my thesis is evoking the lot.  Urgh.

It's been a beautiful weekend, weather-wise.  I snuck out to the beach for an ice cream & wander with the Mini One mid-afternoon and while the wind had picked up a bit, it was still completely glorious.  I have a bit of colour on my shoulders again, the last kiss of summer, perhaps.  Plenty of people on the beach, walking, swimming and dogging - cute; though it tugged at my heart strings to not have Trouble with us.  Also did a double drive by of my house - it's still standing, and that's about all I can tell from the hideous street view.  I hope the tenants are loving it as much as it deserves...and mowing the lawn.

Easter has snuck up fairly quickly, and the daylight saving time change has screwed me up time-wise.  But next weekend I'm off up to Auckland for a big family/settlers reunion shindig thing.

Add 100 years, and I'm there.

I'm flying into Aux on Thursday, early flight from Dunedin, which always sucks donkey balls- but it will be brill to see the family again.  Even if it has only been a couple of months.  Busy days Friday and Sat and then back in D-town by 4 on Sunday.  Probably exhausted.

So, just a sneaky chapter to finish by Wednesday night, and I get as many Mummy-hugs as I want to heal my broken heart next weekend.  Lovely.