Wednesday, March 28, 2012


"Its tongue weighs as much as an elephant.

Its heart is the size of a car.

And some of its blood vessels are so wide, you could swim down them.


Its tail alone is the width of a small aircraft's wings"

So I'm taking a wee Dave-break while I eat my dinner (yes, I do live at the lab) and have jumped 22 years forward in time from the series I'm currently working my way through (Life on Earth, 1979) to a sneaky ep of Blue Planet (2001), where, of course, Blue whales are blowing my mind.


I wish for one sneaky moment the camera man would zoom back into the helicopter, because I bet their minds were blown, looking that far down and seeing something that huge just cruising along in the ocean.
And speaking of retro-Dave, that shit is gold.  Look at the man's sweet, sweet jumper!
Gold, I tell ye.

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