Monday, March 19, 2012


My feet are delightfully warm.  I'm not sure what's going on, whether its the socks, or the shoes or the cold morning - so the feet are warm in comparison, but I'm liking it.

Warm feet.

I have a fresh mug of tea and see many in my future - how can you write without tea?  I'm thinking about investing in a flask - so I'm not running up to the tea room on the second floor 5 times before lunch.  (its ok, because its bedmate - the bathroom - is just a wee way down my own corridor).  Tea is good, especially this early in the morning.
Tea is good.

The weather on Saturday was sublime - I sun-screened up and still have a wee array of tan lines.  We had a massive epic breakfast including green scrambled eggs and green toxic pancakes and then pretty much sat about in the sun for the day.  Beautiful.
Sunshine; speaks for itself.

I am anticipating the arrival of my new hard drive early this week and hoping for a clean, easy transfer of data and programs, god only knows where my install disks are at; probably in a box in storage up in Matamata, knowing my luck.

TCO is back from her Phuket holiday and by all accounts had a brilliant time.  Which is good, because I missed her.  We are going to have High Tea at the new-ish British restaurant this week, and I look forward to judging their efforts.

In prolonging a good trend, a new documentary series starts this Tuesday in place of Frozen Planet, so the desert efforts continue.  This week - this, I think.  And the lab is joining with the one next door every other week for a combined lab meeting from this week on - I'll make two, and take one to each.  Plum, I think...maybe apricot.  Speaking of apricots (well, close) the Mother and Grandmother made the annual pilgrimage to HB this weekend, to visit the ickle-little-brother, his girlfriend, and to pick up several bushels of Golden Queens for this years bottling.  Can't wait for my ration :D
I finally finished Game of Thrones last night while waiting at the laundromat.  That shit is intense.  I had to have breaks fairly often just to calm my brain, and it is perhaps the longest it has taken me to read a good book, because of it.  The end was rather abrupt, but luckily my kindle held the sequel and the frustrated pain was lessoned, some.  I cannot decide if I want to watch the TV series or not, from the trailers they seem fairly true to the original book plots, but its already fantastic in my head...guess it will depend on my free-time sitch.  After hand-in maybe?  Good stuff, if you are looking for a new read! (but then I suspect I might be the last to read it, again).

Speaking of being the last to read something: Hunger Games movie is out this week!  And by all accounts should be brill; looking forward to a movie night with my fav girls.  The trailers look epic.

How have you been?  I missed you, lets hug - later.

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