Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh man, where am I?!

So last week ended with a hiss and a roar - the lab adjoining ours flooded, and my computer killed itself.

The fan was broken and the laptop was turning itself off all the time to save itself from burnout - in the middle of important, unsaved shit, of course.  So inconsiderate.

Took him in to the computer peeps who fixed the fan and informed me the shutting down was only partially heat-related - my hard drive is corrupted and needs replacing.  Mechanical fault or some bollocks - they quoted me $400 to swap a new one in and transfer all my shit.  I don't bloody think so!  Christ - first the car with its 1500, and now the computer?!  What did I do to you, world?  What?!

Um, yeah...this.

So I ordered a sweet naked hard drive on line and one of the awesome, amazing, fantastically brilliant IT peeps in the dept are going to do it for me.  There will be cake, and profuse thanking.

The flood was exciting - a pipe split inside the hand-washing basin by the main lab door - of course it was a pipe inside the bolted on enclosure and we had to stand about watching the water piss out in torrents before we got someone with tools, and then tool-guy to unscrew about a billion screws all about the outside.  Epic.  Lab coats are not absorbent enough to withhold a flood when thrown on the ground, in case you were wondering.  Also - the building massively slopes in a Northerly direction - always good to know.

Tuesday's last Frozen Planet ep saw my making chocolate pastries for desert - pre-rolled puff pastry (life is too short to piss about rolling pastry, let alone making it) spread with chunky chocolate spread, rolled up pretty-like and topped with egg and sliced almonds - delish hot.

This week is the last, the last, week of my PhD experimental lab work - ever.  Ever.  Ever.

*I'll give you a moment to sufficiently appreciate the occasion*

I ran 65 RNA extractions on Monday - was in the lab from half 7 till 10pm.  Good effort if I do say so myself - and I have a sweet blister to mark the occasion.  (there's something about grinding flies with home-made pestles that always gives me a blister in the same spot; a reliable and trustworthy occurrence.  And you already suspected I was a blister-popper, right?).
War wound!  Booyah!

Six 96-well Q PCR plates are on the cards for the morrow, and a library-run quiz with the Authoress tomorrow evening.  It'll be a good day.  (Q-crazy, but good).

Friday morning - I'm a full-time thesis writer.

Oh shit...

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