Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mirror mirror

So a paper came out which I found interesting - not interesting in and of itself, but because of my reaction to it.

The basic premise of the paper is that your level of activity on facebook correlates to a higher score on the narcissism index. (a simplification - the scales are actually entitled spiffy things like "grandiose exhibitionism subscale" and so on).

Not such a stretch for the imagination - if you're constantly taking new photos of your ugly mug to update your profile picture on the bluebook, you have to have had a moments inkling about your self-love levels.

Side note - in being one of the few peeps not on facebook (yep, definite self congratulation going on, such a hipster) I've noticed a trend amongst the hip, cool young things, when faced with the knowledge of my not playing the game - to tell me all about how "little [they] use facebook anymore", and how they only "use it to keep in touch with [their] friends overseas". I cannot tell you how often I hear both of those phrases or variations thereof.

Anyway, my point was thus: my reaction to the paper was self-congratulatory, and I mentally gave myself points for avoiding the narcissism-evil-pitfall.

Of course, I immediately hit myself in the forehead and docked myself a bajillion narcissism points for not only having the thought - but maintaining a blog; perhaps the most narcissistic activity possible on the internet. 

Definitely a witch

Honestly, sometimes I just completely forget myself.


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