Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Les émotifs anonymes

I have just come off a 4 day injecting spree...

This beautiful syringe, only with much, much smaller needles.

Ok, not heroin, people - 4 days of injecting ~400 tiny Dros. with tiny needles and tiny volumes of liquid per day.  Fun times (it is, surprisingly, though the hand-cramps are getting old). However - this also means it has been 4 days without coffee, previously thought to be completely caffeine-symptom free, under a microscope the fine coffee-tremors in my hands equal ripped open abdomens.  Not conducive to either mine or my flies happy state of being.

So - the injecting is finally done, I take last samples today and then all my live-work is over.  Over.  Oveeeer!!



Took a lunch break on Saturday and went to see Romantics Anonymous with The Old One; a completely delightful French film about two chocolate makers who suffer from anxiety, and fall in love.

The title is a bit of a mistranslation, and I get the feeling they did it for English speaking cinema crowds, but the main sitch revolves around the heroine (whose coat-scarf combo is gorgeous) attending meetings for sufferers of various mental afflictions - called 'emotions anonymous'.  Just enough cringe-worthy awkward scenes to keep you laughing, a happy ending - and not nearly enough chocolate (Chocolat, anyone?).


Speaking of romantics, there's been a bit of love in the air about the circle lately, and I made pie for Frozen Planet Desert night in theme to celebrate such budding romances.
I boiled up 4 apples and a box of boysenberries with a cup of blackberry jelly, prebaked the pie crust and then layered 2 sets of lattice over top, with a final embellishment of love.
I'd like to think this pie has several applications - with a wee incision in the middle of each heart, the love pie would become the bleeding heart pie in moments.  Bloody berries, eh?

Of course we ate it both too soon and too late - the heat and the sitting in the dish for awhile meant the crust was a bit...limp, but the final uneaten pieces a couple of hours later were beautifully set and holding their shape - that would be the jelly.  So I think a cold pie, with beautiful slice-of-pie-shaped pieces, next time.  Brill.

The Mini One made vanilla sauce which mated with the pie in the most delightful manner.


So yeah.  Pie, love, flies, hand-cramps, movie.  What a week.  All the data analysis and molecular stuff to look forward to now.  Yay. *falls over and snores*

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