Monday, February 20, 2012

A tale of woe and dissatisfaction

Its not such a good tale to be a character in.

I am poor, my thesis is *hard*, my car failed its warrant and needs new tyres and some break component which I don't know the name of, my grandmother is back in hospital and all the family has driven over to see her, which I, obviously, cannot do.  I feel like I could compile a list a mile long but would also have to add 'perpetual negativity' to it, which worries me more than I ever thought.

Am I that person?  Have I become Eeyore?

Or am I just dark and constantly treading water to stay afloat in a rapidly sinking world?

I miss my 'normal'.  My home and my babies.  I want to move on, but the thesis schackles are tight.

I hate more than I love, right now, and that saddens me.


So, in taking a wee page from one of my favourite writers - lets do an extensive UNROAST.

I'm doing data input for my big mutant lifespan experiment at the moment and some of it - some of it is beautiful.

I have completely beautiful friends.  TCO had a wee party at her beautiful house on Saturday, and it was, as such meetings always are, completely delightful.  We (The Married Ones and I, being old and sober) ate chocolate bikkies, drank tea and red wine and chilled with just enough people-to-chair-ratio, sweet beats (TCO and Co went to the Doobie brothers concert - inspiration), dancing, hilarity, good times.

The Married Ones themselves have welcomed me into their home and survived a week so far - I am perpetually cognizant of both the burden I am to them all up in their space, and how lucky I am to know such brilliant peeps.  Love.

An old friend was in town and we caught up over brunch at my fav cafe - lets go with the pseudonym "Miss Bigshot Lawyer", since that basically sums up her good news.  Love.

The parents have just brought a campervan, apparently they just could not wait another moment.  They took it for its maiden voyage over the weekend, with the dogs happily running about in the back - and delighting in the large rear window.  Lucky puppies.


That's all I can think of.  I'm still both sad and raging against the world and those hideous people in it.  I miss old friends and family and normality.  I want a Mummy hug.


  1. haha awesome i think you have quoted me in this post. remember sarah its fine to hate more people than you like!

  2. Not so sure I agree with the philosophy, but you roll how you like, hating-girl. I love you anyway.