Monday, February 6, 2012

Rex and beautiful tubes

The Mini One prodded this in my direction today and I fell in love:
T-Rex Trying To Use Sunscreen

From a Tumblr called T-Rex Trying with art by Hugh Murphy.  Completely, simply beautiful stuff.

And I first saw this on Homeboy's Girl-half's Pinterest (these pseudonym's are just getting longer) and then its been making the rounds of my fav blogs today and over the w/e.
How To Make The Geekiest Chandelier In The World

Test tube chandeliers.  Gorgeous.  You know I'm going to make one when I get back.  Love!

Knitted Dalek, improved.

By Feather and Fan.  Love so much I squee'd a bit when I saw it.

Everyone tries to do the pin-in-the-map thing and look cool for having been so many places, with us normal plebs feeling stink for our few precious pins - well I say claim it!
Places I haven't been by Evan Cook. Via.  Bigups bro.

There's a wee blog I watch which presents designer packaging ideas, and these delighted me:

"You smell like sweet seduction, thanks to us".  Also 'Devine' and 'like Lemon'.  Brilliant.

Even the pressed cake is lovely.

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