Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh forgodsake

Frozen Planet/desert night last night, and either the council is cracking down on parking now that the students are back in town or some asshat resident phoned it in - but I got a $60 parking ticket for the evening.  I could give you a list of reasons why I think I don't deserve it, but in the end it doesn't much matter does it?  I did, and its already paid.

The Married Ones flat is the back end of a house, the front end is another flat with rather much younger tenants.

They got back this week and had a party last night.  The music was so loud my shit was vibrating off the desk in my room. And it was bad music.  They do it again and I'm calling noise control; one free pass people.  One.

So I finally got to sleep at about 2am when they either all coma'd out or went into town.  (I should probably find the time to mention to them at one point just how thin the walls are - that chat you had with your girls about your bf?  Yeah.  Not so private.)  I eventually hauled ass and got my car into the break shop for a new caliper, I asked the dude to check my squealing breaks at the front while he was at it - and of course both the pads and rotors are worn down past the point of both machining and factory safety standards.  So its going back in tomorrow for new disks and pads.  Another ~$550.


Let recap, shall we?  Just to salt the wallet-wound.

WOF & Rego
2 new tyres
1 new caliper
2 new break rotor-things
2 new break pads
1 oil change and service

All up we're looking at bumping close to ONE AND A HALF grand.  Not.  Happy.

But - I came into work to wrestle flies and there was a box on my desk from the Farm Girl.  Possibly the best timing for a package in the history of all theses.  Complete love.

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  1. Yay, glad it got there safely (and turned up at an opportune moment). I'm having car issues of the costly kind at the moment myself, I feel your pain!