Friday, February 10, 2012

Kei te pai

Country art by Jerod Gibson, via.  I find these disturbingly beautiful.  Melting?  Decay?  Blood?  Fracturing society?  Perhaps it is just the colour combos and dripping effect which I find unsettling...
Countries & Colours by Jerod Gibson
Countries & Colours by Jerod Gibson
Countries & Colours by Jerod Gibson

Creepy-cool with crazy-beautiful detail, anatomical sculpture by Maskull Lasserre, via.  I'm thinking my taste is a bit macabre this week.
Anatomical Carved Sculptures by Maskull Lasserre
Anatomical Carved Sculptures by Maskull Lasserre

And back on the V-day track ('V' stands for 'vom', by the way. Vomit-day. Yep.), I actually kind of love this duct tape rose, and the tute makes it look easy - anyone got some duct tape for me?!  And wire.  And don't feel like it has to be nasty-lovey-red coloured either.  Make!

Yesterday I ran across this, I can't even remember how - but I'm sending the pattern to my lovely Nana post-haste.  Must. Have.
And I can't decide if I like the chunky-red, or warm brown better.  The massive pompom is a must, however.  Love, love, love.

Last week I ran across these lamps, which, while being sacrilegiously carved out of beautiful old books, I actually kind of really love.  I think its the replica bulbs.  Beautiful.  My fav's:
Hardback Book Lamp - Secrets and Spies
Hardback Book Lamp - The Odyssey

And after our swim yesterday, we had tea at TCO's sweet house, where she has a wee cupcake book innocently sitting on the shelf.  One of the ideas was thus:


Ok, so I can't find a good picture - but it was cupcakes made in wee clay pots, lined with baking paper and slightly spilling over the tops.  I think a dark batter, a bit of silver dust on top and some white ribbon around the outside and they would be perfect take-home wedding cakes.  Gorgeous.  I was also thinking you might get a sweet scone cooked in a slightly bigger version - my Dad has always made his own bread on holidays in his old clay bread pots, surely it would work on a smaller scale?

Kind of like this, but different.  Yeah.
From here.


Final move-out day today.  Joy.


  1. Do you think your Nana could make *me* one of those hats as well? They are sweet! Also love the vom-day roses, duct tape is the ultimate fix-everything tool!

  2. I'm having to Nana-bribe just to get a higher place on the knitting queue, you might be out of luck. I'll let you *look* at mine though :P