Monday, February 20, 2012

Joy in unexpected places

So I took the evening off to bully myself into feeling better - I rang my Mummy for a good chat, caught up on all the family goss.  After kai of delightful leftovers (Havarti stuffed chicken breast with curry-roasted kumara) I started reading A Game of Thrones, got really into it then got to the part where the queen's twin pushes Bran off the window sill and slapped shut my kindle and threw it towards the end of my bed.  I can't bear the thought of the kid dying, already.  Will tackle the truth of that situation ending tomorrow (or later tonight, if I predict myself honestly, its not like I'm sleeping properly lately anyway...).

Whilst shooting a look of disgust at my kindle, I turned to my hard drive of 'backupsandawesome' and loaded me up some sweet, sweet retro Dave.

And then had to pause for some abstracted googleing action.  I mean, the footage of blue whales is amazing fo'sure, but you throw around phrases like 'biggest blah blah ever blah' and visually, its completely out of context.

Harry over on deviantART made this graphic, which has subsequently been used in a Penguin child's encyclopaedia (I loved that shit when I was a kid!) and is making me feel all happy and squishy inside:

1.8m tall man, looking scared in the corner (1.8m? not bad...)

Now, previously in the more recent Dave-eps, the man ('cause Dave is the man) said that the bull Orca (shall we call him a bull?  The big male in charge?  Lets go with 'bull', goog's isn't hooking me up with any better nomenclature) had a dorsal fin of ~2m in length.  That's a doorway in my mind (or the near-perfect height of a man...) and if I mentally stand in a doorway, with an Orca stretching out from both front and back about me, I grin like an idiot.  (you know all those times when you look over at me staring at the ether between my eyes and my computer screen with a silly look on my face?  Yeah...)

So - see that pretty wee Orca right there?!  Booyah!  Blue whale!

Blows my mind.


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