Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Is it strange?

Occasionally I go back and read some old stuff just for kicks - and I spontaneously laugh.  Am I that funny?  Or that stupid - that I can forget something I wrote and find it surprisingly funny 2 years later?

It was probably him.  Yup.

I'm always going to be the kitten shitting himself with laughter at the front.  I can't even keep a straight face long enough to dump confetti down someone's top at the Bog Quiz on Monday (reunion tour - The Canadian one was back in town for a flash visit.  Flash because he wore a kilt. (for a wedding, but still! Mad props!)).

We came 7th, in case you were wondering (Though Homeboy insists they did not award us our second double-up).  I miss the days when the dream team-Sharktopus was at its peak. Good times.  (winning = good times, you know it).  Still, talking complete smack with my boys at the pub will probably always be a fav pastime, winning or no.

I am almost completely moved out of my house, the truck came this morning and we loaded up all my shit - all 11 cubic metres of it.  And that's just the stuff too precious to let go of - I've sold everything else.  So - two nights more on my mac-daddy airbed and then I'm shifting into The Married Ones' spare room.


Though I swear those are midget people - my feet hang off the end and with two people you would be comfortably snuggling.  (Comfortably - but snuggling none the less).  Photoshop?

Shoved my rewritten Intro at the supe on Tuesday, all 51 pages of it, and I have set up flies to lay to start one last expt.  Did I say that last time?  I mean it this time.  You hear me, world?  I mean it this time!!  So you know - same old.

The Frozen Planet watching sitch has evolved into a tradition - the Mini One and I make desert and we watch it at hers with flatmates, waifs and strays (I fall into the 'strays' category, hardly 'waif-like' am I?!), and the desert is planned and coordinated early in the week.  I am looking forward to being able to bake a substantial contribution in the coming weeks - with baking equipment and a fridge and so on.  Oooo how I cannot wait to bake again.  The Married One Part II is off at a job interview from today/over the w/e so I am going to bake a cake, in his kitchen, for his return on Monday.  And I'm baking for my lab peeps morning tea.  And maybe a special friend or two.  (I'm struggling to find reasons to bake - but it will happen regardless).  Baking Therapy Baby!

I've been going for my daily constitutional at the pool since Trouble abandoned me for a life of leisure, Eukanuba and being kennel/chain free in the glorious Ohope, and have found that Mufasa has grown beyond the capabilities of my old swimcap; I have upgraded to one specially designed for long hair.  And you know what?  Its still a bit on the small side.  How 'bout one for big, long hair?!
Perhaps not in a grinning mood.

So my plan for the near future is late nights at work, post-dinner visits to the pool and Frozen Planet to keep me happy.
Ok, there we go. Is that a grin?!

I miss my boys.  (The animal ones, though occasionally I miss the other ones as well...).  And my house and my Kenwood and my springform tin and my perfect spatula set and my measuring cups and my bed (which is gone, forever) and by books and my old desk and...and...waaaaaaaa!

I might have to go ring my Mummy and force her to give them treats.  That will help.

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