Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brake it

So my sweet ride (cough) is hooked up with new brake disc'y-things and pads; my brake-man showed me the old ones, complete with worrying lip around the edges.

Posted Image
Like this...I guess.  There's not supposed to be a lip.

I love learning shit, and I love that he made the effort - with all the parts.  He showed & explained the caliper and then the brake pads yesterday, so big ups.  You're a cutie.

Huh, so that was a big difference.

And then the young kid rang me up at the till and spent a solid 5 minutes talking about how I should be mindful of the new disc's and pads and about how they will take about 200km to mate properly, and he had taken it for a quick mating run already, but longer would be needed, and so on.  He said 'mate' a lot, it was hilarious.

And while I was supposed to have them done at 1pm, the Invercargill peeps never sent the parts in the first courier run, so we had to wait on the second - which arrived at 4pm.  So I had a sneaky coffee out at Swell while waiting for the second call back to let me know if they could get it done today or not, and then a sneaky swim at the pool to pass the time till 4pm after I did hear.  I swam 1.55km, it was epic.  I'm working my way up to 2km a day.  We'll think about doing 3 after that.

So its about 6pm and I'm back at work to wrestle flies and try to finish my data entry for the lifespan lines which have died.  Joyous, joyous times, I tell ye.  Its been pouring with rain all day and combined running about in the rain with poolage - the hair is still damp.  And frizzy.  But the office is empty and I can blast my sweet beats, and I have Jaffa Cakes from the sweet Farm Girl, so for the moment, all is good.

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