Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two and a half decades plus

So Kate has a wonderful piece up today - about turning 26. I had a wee heart attack - I am still in the groove where anyone I look up to, be it their person or skills, must be older than I.

"When I meet her, I’ll be twenty-six. I will have already had a white hair. I will have written hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pages. I will have never won at online poker. I will not have a single impressive trophy on the pedestal that sits empty in the center of the room. I will be the kind of person who cares about other people and makes a difference in their lives. And that’s the kind of person I want to be. 
And also a writer, at the same time. It does happen occasionally." 

I turned 26, 59 days ago today. I have more white hairs than I would care to admit - and the little sneaky weasels are congregating about my left temple/above my left eye. I think they are enjoying each others company.

 You know I'm hoping for this 

I am still at university - I have a BSc and Honours degree, and, fate willing, a PhD in a couple of months. I am single, but own a house (like that makes a difference? societally instilled social norms much? What - not married at 26?!), a cat and a dog, and none of my novels have ever made it past the first chapter (Shhh - that's a secret, no one knows that about me). 

I would also like to think that I am the kind of person who cares about other people and makes a difference in their lives. I would do anything for my closest, dearest friends, and I hope they know that. I think they do. They mean more than the world to me.

I also love that Kate seems to write so often about not being all put-together and adult and grown-up and successful and so on - and yet when I read her writing, to me - she is. Perhaps someone else reads my words and thinks me put-together and adult. What a happy thought (you'd be wrong - but happy nonetheless).

And in a final complete regression - Sugarplum came for dinner last night and noticed my speedo reading - we had to pull over on the way home, once it ticked over to 5, to get a pic.

iBoobs indeed

Sunday, February 26, 2012

On Repeat

When I was wee (I think either form 1 or 2) our music teacher, the fabulous Mrs Curtis, set us all up with paper and a pen and bid us draw the music she was going to play.  Since then, this piece has been a favourite and still inspires a wee grin (and the obligatory head jiggle and arm jerks in time with the crashes).
I prefer the orchestral alone, without choir, but there you go.

Oooo - this one!
Ahhhhhhhh... Love.

Friday, February 24, 2012

New piccies

Some old, some new.  These are my fav's:

A bumblebee bumbled into my kitchen, and was most reluctant to be photographed:

My Trouble and his new bestie, Jimmy:
For just a moment

I had lilies on my table for the last 6 months in my house:

I recycle fly pot tags I made a couple of years ago, as such they are accumulating quite a bit of thesis-history:
A History of Tags

And you can perhaps see how my mood effects my amateur attempts at art.  Dark and brooding much?  Sheesh.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brake it

So my sweet ride (cough) is hooked up with new brake disc'y-things and pads; my brake-man showed me the old ones, complete with worrying lip around the edges.

Posted Image
Like this...I guess.  There's not supposed to be a lip.

I love learning shit, and I love that he made the effort - with all the parts.  He showed & explained the caliper and then the brake pads yesterday, so big ups.  You're a cutie.

Huh, so that was a big difference.

And then the young kid rang me up at the till and spent a solid 5 minutes talking about how I should be mindful of the new disc's and pads and about how they will take about 200km to mate properly, and he had taken it for a quick mating run already, but longer would be needed, and so on.  He said 'mate' a lot, it was hilarious.

And while I was supposed to have them done at 1pm, the Invercargill peeps never sent the parts in the first courier run, so we had to wait on the second - which arrived at 4pm.  So I had a sneaky coffee out at Swell while waiting for the second call back to let me know if they could get it done today or not, and then a sneaky swim at the pool to pass the time till 4pm after I did hear.  I swam 1.55km, it was epic.  I'm working my way up to 2km a day.  We'll think about doing 3 after that.

So its about 6pm and I'm back at work to wrestle flies and try to finish my data entry for the lifespan lines which have died.  Joyous, joyous times, I tell ye.  Its been pouring with rain all day and combined running about in the rain with poolage - the hair is still damp.  And frizzy.  But the office is empty and I can blast my sweet beats, and I have Jaffa Cakes from the sweet Farm Girl, so for the moment, all is good.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Good Timing Genie

Got back to the house and found a postcard from BigSib in the letter box.  Visiting Oxford in the snow a couple of weekends ago.  I freaking love postcards.
And with some Irish teas from Farm Girl, my evening is set to be quite cozy.


Oh forgodsake

Frozen Planet/desert night last night, and either the council is cracking down on parking now that the students are back in town or some asshat resident phoned it in - but I got a $60 parking ticket for the evening.  I could give you a list of reasons why I think I don't deserve it, but in the end it doesn't much matter does it?  I did, and its already paid.

The Married Ones flat is the back end of a house, the front end is another flat with rather much younger tenants.

They got back this week and had a party last night.  The music was so loud my shit was vibrating off the desk in my room. And it was bad music.  They do it again and I'm calling noise control; one free pass people.  One.

So I finally got to sleep at about 2am when they either all coma'd out or went into town.  (I should probably find the time to mention to them at one point just how thin the walls are - that chat you had with your girls about your bf?  Yeah.  Not so private.)  I eventually hauled ass and got my car into the break shop for a new caliper, I asked the dude to check my squealing breaks at the front while he was at it - and of course both the pads and rotors are worn down past the point of both machining and factory safety standards.  So its going back in tomorrow for new disks and pads.  Another ~$550.


Let recap, shall we?  Just to salt the wallet-wound.

WOF & Rego
2 new tyres
1 new caliper
2 new break rotor-things
2 new break pads
1 oil change and service

All up we're looking at bumping close to ONE AND A HALF grand.  Not.  Happy.

But - I came into work to wrestle flies and there was a box on my desk from the Farm Girl.  Possibly the best timing for a package in the history of all theses.  Complete love.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Oh Dave, I think you might be my one true love.

“all this action attracts even larger predators.
hundreds of sharks."
Such gravitas.  Gorgeous.

Joy in unexpected places

So I took the evening off to bully myself into feeling better - I rang my Mummy for a good chat, caught up on all the family goss.  After kai of delightful leftovers (Havarti stuffed chicken breast with curry-roasted kumara) I started reading A Game of Thrones, got really into it then got to the part where the queen's twin pushes Bran off the window sill and slapped shut my kindle and threw it towards the end of my bed.  I can't bear the thought of the kid dying, already.  Will tackle the truth of that situation ending tomorrow (or later tonight, if I predict myself honestly, its not like I'm sleeping properly lately anyway...).

Whilst shooting a look of disgust at my kindle, I turned to my hard drive of 'backupsandawesome' and loaded me up some sweet, sweet retro Dave.

And then had to pause for some abstracted googleing action.  I mean, the footage of blue whales is amazing fo'sure, but you throw around phrases like 'biggest blah blah ever blah' and visually, its completely out of context.

Harry over on deviantART made this graphic, which has subsequently been used in a Penguin child's encyclopaedia (I loved that shit when I was a kid!) and is making me feel all happy and squishy inside:

1.8m tall man, looking scared in the corner (1.8m? not bad...)

Now, previously in the more recent Dave-eps, the man ('cause Dave is the man) said that the bull Orca (shall we call him a bull?  The big male in charge?  Lets go with 'bull', goog's isn't hooking me up with any better nomenclature) had a dorsal fin of ~2m in length.  That's a doorway in my mind (or the near-perfect height of a man...) and if I mentally stand in a doorway, with an Orca stretching out from both front and back about me, I grin like an idiot.  (you know all those times when you look over at me staring at the ether between my eyes and my computer screen with a silly look on my face?  Yeah...)

So - see that pretty wee Orca right there?!  Booyah!  Blue whale!

Blows my mind.


A tale of woe and dissatisfaction

Its not such a good tale to be a character in.

I am poor, my thesis is *hard*, my car failed its warrant and needs new tyres and some break component which I don't know the name of, my grandmother is back in hospital and all the family has driven over to see her, which I, obviously, cannot do.  I feel like I could compile a list a mile long but would also have to add 'perpetual negativity' to it, which worries me more than I ever thought.

Am I that person?  Have I become Eeyore?

Or am I just dark and constantly treading water to stay afloat in a rapidly sinking world?

I miss my 'normal'.  My home and my babies.  I want to move on, but the thesis schackles are tight.

I hate more than I love, right now, and that saddens me.


So, in taking a wee page from one of my favourite writers - lets do an extensive UNROAST.

I'm doing data input for my big mutant lifespan experiment at the moment and some of it - some of it is beautiful.

I have completely beautiful friends.  TCO had a wee party at her beautiful house on Saturday, and it was, as such meetings always are, completely delightful.  We (The Married Ones and I, being old and sober) ate chocolate bikkies, drank tea and red wine and chilled with just enough people-to-chair-ratio, sweet beats (TCO and Co went to the Doobie brothers concert - inspiration), dancing, hilarity, good times.

The Married Ones themselves have welcomed me into their home and survived a week so far - I am perpetually cognizant of both the burden I am to them all up in their space, and how lucky I am to know such brilliant peeps.  Love.

An old friend was in town and we caught up over brunch at my fav cafe - lets go with the pseudonym "Miss Bigshot Lawyer", since that basically sums up her good news.  Love.

The parents have just brought a campervan, apparently they just could not wait another moment.  They took it for its maiden voyage over the weekend, with the dogs happily running about in the back - and delighting in the large rear window.  Lucky puppies.


That's all I can think of.  I'm still both sad and raging against the world and those hideous people in it.  I miss old friends and family and normality.  I want a Mummy hug.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh! Oh! Oh!



Cake of the Day

Possibly one of my favs, and completely lovely all round.

Full instructions here.  Thanks Lily.  Or 10 quid if you live in London.  Sigh.  Actually - bigsib?!

On Repeat

Play this.  Do it.
Bang! Crash! My life! Raaaaagh!

O Fortune,
like the moon
you are changeable,
ever waxing
and waning;
hateful life
first oppresses
and then soothes
as fancy takes it;
and power
it melts them like ice.
Fate – monstrous
and empty,
you whirling wheel,
you are malevolent,
well-being is vain
and always fades to nothing,
and veiled
you plague me too;
now through the game
I bring my bare back
to your villainy.
Fate is against me
in health
and virtue,
driven on
and weighted down,
always enslaved.
So at this hour
without delay
pluck the vibrating strings;
since Fate
strikes down the strong man,
everyone weep with me!

Monday, February 13, 2012

On Repeat

I'm on a RNZ Concert kick at the mo, and this was playing on the way into work.
It's now rocking out of my headphones with the rest of my classical-favs playlist.  Good stuff.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Whitney Houston is dead!

She did turn a bit tragic in the end, but this was, and always will be, sublime:

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Totes just got my first Troll.  Does that make me an internet-adult now?

In other news, today is Thieves Alley Market and I can't wait to go hunt for gems.  Probably won't buy anything, but a gem-hunt nonetheless.  Whoop!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Kei te pai

Country art by Jerod Gibson, via.  I find these disturbingly beautiful.  Melting?  Decay?  Blood?  Fracturing society?  Perhaps it is just the colour combos and dripping effect which I find unsettling...
Countries & Colours by Jerod Gibson
Countries & Colours by Jerod Gibson
Countries & Colours by Jerod Gibson

Creepy-cool with crazy-beautiful detail, anatomical sculpture by Maskull Lasserre, via.  I'm thinking my taste is a bit macabre this week.
Anatomical Carved Sculptures by Maskull Lasserre
Anatomical Carved Sculptures by Maskull Lasserre

And back on the V-day track ('V' stands for 'vom', by the way. Vomit-day. Yep.), I actually kind of love this duct tape rose, and the tute makes it look easy - anyone got some duct tape for me?!  And wire.  And don't feel like it has to be nasty-lovey-red coloured either.  Make!

Yesterday I ran across this, I can't even remember how - but I'm sending the pattern to my lovely Nana post-haste.  Must. Have.
And I can't decide if I like the chunky-red, or warm brown better.  The massive pompom is a must, however.  Love, love, love.

Last week I ran across these lamps, which, while being sacrilegiously carved out of beautiful old books, I actually kind of really love.  I think its the replica bulbs.  Beautiful.  My fav's:
Hardback Book Lamp - Secrets and Spies
Hardback Book Lamp - The Odyssey

And after our swim yesterday, we had tea at TCO's sweet house, where she has a wee cupcake book innocently sitting on the shelf.  One of the ideas was thus:


Ok, so I can't find a good picture - but it was cupcakes made in wee clay pots, lined with baking paper and slightly spilling over the tops.  I think a dark batter, a bit of silver dust on top and some white ribbon around the outside and they would be perfect take-home wedding cakes.  Gorgeous.  I was also thinking you might get a sweet scone cooked in a slightly bigger version - my Dad has always made his own bread on holidays in his old clay bread pots, surely it would work on a smaller scale?

Kind of like this, but different.  Yeah.
From here.


Final move-out day today.  Joy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Is it strange?

Occasionally I go back and read some old stuff just for kicks - and I spontaneously laugh.  Am I that funny?  Or that stupid - that I can forget something I wrote and find it surprisingly funny 2 years later?

It was probably him.  Yup.

I'm always going to be the kitten shitting himself with laughter at the front.  I can't even keep a straight face long enough to dump confetti down someone's top at the Bog Quiz on Monday (reunion tour - The Canadian one was back in town for a flash visit.  Flash because he wore a kilt. (for a wedding, but still! Mad props!)).

We came 7th, in case you were wondering (Though Homeboy insists they did not award us our second double-up).  I miss the days when the dream team-Sharktopus was at its peak. Good times.  (winning = good times, you know it).  Still, talking complete smack with my boys at the pub will probably always be a fav pastime, winning or no.

I am almost completely moved out of my house, the truck came this morning and we loaded up all my shit - all 11 cubic metres of it.  And that's just the stuff too precious to let go of - I've sold everything else.  So - two nights more on my mac-daddy airbed and then I'm shifting into The Married Ones' spare room.


Though I swear those are midget people - my feet hang off the end and with two people you would be comfortably snuggling.  (Comfortably - but snuggling none the less).  Photoshop?

Shoved my rewritten Intro at the supe on Tuesday, all 51 pages of it, and I have set up flies to lay to start one last expt.  Did I say that last time?  I mean it this time.  You hear me, world?  I mean it this time!!  So you know - same old.

The Frozen Planet watching sitch has evolved into a tradition - the Mini One and I make desert and we watch it at hers with flatmates, waifs and strays (I fall into the 'strays' category, hardly 'waif-like' am I?!), and the desert is planned and coordinated early in the week.  I am looking forward to being able to bake a substantial contribution in the coming weeks - with baking equipment and a fridge and so on.  Oooo how I cannot wait to bake again.  The Married One Part II is off at a job interview from today/over the w/e so I am going to bake a cake, in his kitchen, for his return on Monday.  And I'm baking for my lab peeps morning tea.  And maybe a special friend or two.  (I'm struggling to find reasons to bake - but it will happen regardless).  Baking Therapy Baby!

I've been going for my daily constitutional at the pool since Trouble abandoned me for a life of leisure, Eukanuba and being kennel/chain free in the glorious Ohope, and have found that Mufasa has grown beyond the capabilities of my old swimcap; I have upgraded to one specially designed for long hair.  And you know what?  Its still a bit on the small side.  How 'bout one for big, long hair?!
Perhaps not in a grinning mood.

So my plan for the near future is late nights at work, post-dinner visits to the pool and Frozen Planet to keep me happy.
Ok, there we go. Is that a grin?!

I miss my boys.  (The animal ones, though occasionally I miss the other ones as well...).  And my house and my Kenwood and my springform tin and my perfect spatula set and my measuring cups and my bed (which is gone, forever) and by books and my old desk and...and...waaaaaaaa!

I might have to go ring my Mummy and force her to give them treats.  That will help.

On Repeat

Mostly because of the Frozen Planet ads on TV, which use the chorus.
Its inducing anticipatory chills in my spine!  Freaking love FP!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Rex and beautiful tubes

The Mini One prodded this in my direction today and I fell in love:
T-Rex Trying To Use Sunscreen

From a Tumblr called T-Rex Trying with art by Hugh Murphy.  Completely, simply beautiful stuff.

And I first saw this on Homeboy's Girl-half's Pinterest (these pseudonym's are just getting longer) and then its been making the rounds of my fav blogs today and over the w/e.
How To Make The Geekiest Chandelier In The World

Test tube chandeliers.  Gorgeous.  You know I'm going to make one when I get back.  Love!

Knitted Dalek, improved.

By Feather and Fan.  Love so much I squee'd a bit when I saw it.

Everyone tries to do the pin-in-the-map thing and look cool for having been so many places, with us normal plebs feeling stink for our few precious pins - well I say claim it!
Places I haven't been by Evan Cook. Via.  Bigups bro.

There's a wee blog I watch which presents designer packaging ideas, and these delighted me:

"You smell like sweet seduction, thanks to us".  Also 'Devine' and 'like Lemon'.  Brilliant.

Even the pressed cake is lovely.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love it!

Both of these popped up in my feed stream today and I love them.  Via and via.

A capella Simpsons:
At about 40s shits gets real.

And this, which makes every girl remember how much they like being crooned to, no matter the sitch:


Okie, so I kind of love ThinkGeek, and blood-filled zombie chocolate brains is actually kind of romantic.  I'd totally say yes to a dude holding a box of those.
But then, you would too, wouldn't you?!

This might actually turn into a series, I wonder what other V-day crap Gmail/spambot has in store for me?!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Holy craptasticals Antman!

This is nuts:
Not only because of the destruction of life...

Also, this - which is blowing my mind:
Tissue Series by Lisa Nilsson
Tissue Series by Lisa Nilsson
Anatomically correct paper scrolling by Lisa Nilsson, via.  Beautiful.

And because everyone loves Lego as much as I do:
LEGO KitchenAid Tilt-Head Stand Mixer (Details)
LEGO Sandwich
Via.  By Bruce.