Thursday, January 12, 2012


You know the buzzy feeling when you are completely infused with potential energy?!  Like potential for a job, potential for future, excitement about what's coming and what's possible - meeting new people who you find you really, really like, open awesome job opportunities, I guess a bit of excited hope for the near future.  I'm sitting in a bubble of fizzy, bubbling excitement right now.  Maybe I'm just in a good mood...

Had Mufasa trimmed on Tuesday, just the ratty ends, and had some foils put through to keep the excellent fruit salad effect (shuddup - I love it).  In my old age I'm avoiding the whole-head-colour, since regrowth is just too much hassle to bother with - and my godamn hair grows so fast I have to get it redone every 5 weeks, and still look like a skunk for 3.  So, new colour from underneath, old colour from half way down, (poo)brown from the roots, and lets not talk about the completely white hairs growing throughout my cowlick (Bad Mother! Bad!  Its all your fault! Grey at thirty five, honestly.).   Despite the trim, its looking longer than ever.
Nothing like a bit of gratuitous photo-shopping to start your day

Its the Married One's birthday today, I'm not even sure if she's coming in to work - all thesis writing and so on.  We had our haircut at the same time and my family (called in for a cuppa) could not stop going on about how lovely her new style and colour looked. No word on my hair, of course - but The Married One - wow!  grumblegrumble

Bigsib, her fianc√© and their first child (Harry the schnauzer) were here Monday-Wednesday and got the final coat done on my house - and the dogs all played the hell out of each other.  So cute together!  Eventually I will have a mo to take the photos off my camera, so hang tight till then.  So.  Cute.  We went to Paasha for dinner on Tuesday, a bit of a tradition when anyone is in town, and as usual it was gooood.  Also, I don't know what it is about the blood in our veins, but whenever we all get together, the convo's are hilarious.  God I love my family.

I also love my friend-family - TCO gave me a necklace for my birthday which I completely love, love, love, and a beautiful flower arrangement out of her garden, in an old Agee with lovely white ribbon.  That girl gets my taste.

The Old One also got me a necklace - pressies from Syd always rock - a wee robot with sparkly gem eyes.  Cute.  The birthday time of year is always excellent for the warm fuzzies.

I've been interviewing property management companies this week (busy and stressed much?!), and the whole process is very... interesting - more once I have chosen someone else to, once again, own a portion of my soul.

Don't know if I have said it enough yet, but the house looks amazing.  My Dad (and Mum- many painted houses in their lifetimes) is a demon with a paintbrush - and you can see where I inherited my pedantic attention to detail and the love of quality work done well with skill (not enough qualifiers, I'll think of some more later.  'achieved amazingly greatly with love and care, cleverness and pride...') .  My dad has skills.  (not nunchaku, unfortunately, but probably everything else).

Babycuz has also been working hard, through probably not from choice the whole time... teenagers eh?  Little bugger eats so much - I made two double batches of bikkies in three days (plus 4 cakes - different story), and owe him another in the next day or so.  Such a good kid.

The thesis writing has not been...going.  I'm trucking along with my fly expt, but the writing has been not...going, while I sort out my house - I have only this month to get it ready and rented out, and only 4 more days with my families help.  Something's gotta give, right?

When I've not been ridiculously busy organising carpet layers and builders, painters and movers, packing and cleaning, flies and fly food, lab jobs and birthday pressies for other people I've been being overcome with the most horrible heart-wrenching homesickness - pre-emptive homesickness for my house and my animals and my life as it has been for so long now, my wonderful, amazing, beautiful friends... *wee sob* Lets not talk about that right now.

However, speaking of tradies, TCO's completely lovely partner is a magnificent builder (with) and fixed the broken floorboards in my hall - there is now an island of super sturdy, even flooring, surrounded by old-house-creaky-floor-boards.  Its brilliant.  I was also having trouble finding a carpet layer to come and put the carpet back down in the hall - all the main ones are not at all interested in small jobs.  However, I got a hold of Dylan, from here, who, despite being on holiday - came out to my house yesterday avo and fixed the carpet back down for me.  He did a beautiful job and it looks better than it did before.  I am not kidding - amazing mad skills.  I hope he's still in Dunedin, and working, when I come back with bags of money and do up my house in ~10 years.

Um - nap time?!