Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oh! The insanity!


This is babycuz, isn't he just gorgeous?!  A face only family could love...
Our attempts to get the dogs sitting in a row - wee Jimmy didn't want to have a bar of it.  Bigsib's Harry on the left, my Trouble in the middle and wee Jimmy off doing his own thing.  Bigsibs fiancé's head in the first shot too, of course.
Lovely rotten floorboards (from the 1930's?!) and my handy-dandy father being all DIY'y
The trifle I made on my birthday, in my lovely Chrissie bowl - complete only with a choc hail Drosophila on top (with fresh cherry eyes).
And finally, while I have time - Dad popped off for a sneaky kip after lunch today (he has been working rather hard), and wee Jimmy decided it was a brilliant idea to copy his Dad.  Jasper then decided to get in on the napping action too.  (Oh my, isn't that a pretty quilt?!)

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