Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I want to be Iron

Saw The Iron Lady with my homegirl, (The Old One) on Sunday and it was brill.  I had a right old cry about Dennis, but then so did TOO, so it was fine (we both agreed that loving someone that much is pretty much a dream of both of ours.  Pain, people, pain.).  I have ordered two of her books, and can't wait to dig deeper into her character.

I want this. (in case you hadn't picked it up yet)

Had dinner with one of my fav homeboy's and his fabulous other half, at Korea House which was brill.  Definitely taking my other peeps back there soon.  I love that couple.
Incidentally, I saw Melancholia the previous Sunday with Magic Postdoc, and hated it.  One lady walked out and I would have too if I knew I wouldn't have been tortured for the rest of my life wondering if it might have gotten better.  Homeboy's other half loved it.  I just don't understand.

Sweet eye-screen bro

Sunday night I finished Extras (started the series before Chrissie, not inducing of the fastest reading speed ever, but still a good story), the final in the 4 book set 'Uglies' by Scott Westerfeld.  I think it was second best, the first was brill and then the next two faded a bit, but the new characters and plot in the 4th rejuvenated the series a bit.  Its set in a future utopian society after the collapse (self destruction?) of our own modern society and explores an alternative method of controlling humanity.

In other news, we were all excited by the prospect of seeing the aurora over Dunedin last week and TCO and I traded off hours one night to keep getting up to check if it was out/visible.  It never was - but this, this is what I'm looking forward to on my future travels (which will happen, godamnit).
More here.  Beautiful.  I hear from the Married One that there are supposed to be more tonight, fingers crossed!

I had some other stuff I was dying to share with you, but Chrome crashed and deleted all my shit, so...yeah.

Oooo - my flies are dying! Whoop!

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