Friday, January 6, 2012


Back at work, back at my house, back in Dunedin - which is actually putting on some nice weather for me.

Which is good - because the parents and baby-cousin arrived yesterday to help paint my house.

We might just need some fine weather.

On an up note - the bigsib and her fiancĂ© flew in on my birthday and are coming down on Monday for a visit, which should be epic.  They also brought be two packets of Jaffa Cakes from London - best bigsib-plus-one ever.  Baby-cuz had never tried one but managed to inhale half a packet for supper last night, either he has good taste - or is in that eat-everything-that-moves teenage phase (the parents picked them up in Chch on the way through).

I flew in on the 3rd and the parents drove down, arriving on the 5th - which means I had two full days of Trouble walking around the house in a sulk - missing Jimmy (Mum's schnauzer), the parents big house with lots of beds to jump all over and their huge garden, including Dad's vege plot with sneaky berries for industrious dogs to steal off the low hanging vines.  He is ridiculously happy now, though I was woken up at 2am by Jimmy scratching at my door - turns out the easiest way to get them both to shutup is to have only 1/3 of my bed to myself.  Lucky the cat is still up north or it would have been WWIII all over my duvet.

Bigsib-plus-one are bringing their schnauzer too, so its going to be dogs all over the show at mine next week.  Fun.

So - being in the lab is that much harder - knowing the family are slaving away on my weatherboards with scrapers, waterblaster and sanders...

Ok, so maybe I lie just a little bit.

I have a batch of fly food made already, and just have to finish off my dead counts before I can head back to help out.  No internet at the house 'cause I didn't want to fork out for the whole bill on my own this month (flatties all goneskis), which sucks.  Have I mentioned that yet?  It sucks.  Lab is still lovely and quiet though, most peeps are back next week.  Good stuff.


In other random note - found this piece about clothes fitting and advertising images, which is a lovely, though troubling read.

"and then I thought that in elementary school, there should be a class for girls where they sit you down and tell you this stuff before you waste years of your life feeling like someone put you together wrong."


Also, this - which made my day yesterday.
Coffee Splash by Jack Long

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