Thursday, December 1, 2011

No time, plus Books (wait...what?)

Life is such crazy shiznizzle right now.  So - a segmented mish-mash of random.
First - the thesis-pill of choice this week is M&M's, which get eaten in colour order - yesterday: Blue.
No comments on my posture thank you, Mum

Today is green, and The Mini One went and sneaked a red one into the middle of the pile, you have no idea how quickly the bottom dropped out of my world.  But its ok, because the office is full of volunteer M&M disposal units.
Flies on weekends think thus:
Yes, that is a scientifically accurate diagram of a Drosophila
Last weekend when grocery shopping at half 8 in the evening, I splashed out for thin sliced corned beef - and have been having epic sandwiches all week - with caramelised onion relish.  Life is good.

Related, just wait for it - this photo of an old, and much loved hated lab member has become a bit of a lab ghost - turning up in the most unexpected and surprising places.  A couple of days ago The Crazy and Mini ones' snuck him into the middle of my beautiful sandwiches:
It was hilariously unexpected enough (no one had seen him for months) that I forgave their molesting of my lunch.
And just because I can, this:
Let me know if you need some hair, I have some spare
The cats manky wound is fully healed and now he has what looks like a random shaved-chest-patch.  He and Trouble ran backwards and forwards from my room to the kitchen for about 20 minutes last night, the cat leading the dog and then swiping him in the face when he dared to try and overtake him.  I'm not sure what the rules where exactly, since it wasn't quite 'chase', perhaps we could call it "Logan always wins", that might be the most truthful.

Its been so hot lately (ok, ok - by Dunedin standards at least), my quilt has been thrown on the floor more often than not.  Tidied up my room the other day (disgusting, its just easier to throw everything on the floor and worry about it post-thesis) and I found an old bone lovingly poked into the middle of the scrunched up quilt.  Obviously quite a safe place for hiding things is my quilt/bedding/pillows, but Trouble was most upset when I told him off and threw it out the door - before shutting it and telling him to go to sleep, so he couldn't even re-locate it that evening.
Its officially December (, the first day of the month?) and Chrissie is officially allowed in the lab - I'm trying to sneak in the x-tunes on the lab music-vomiting-machine as often as possible - The Old One hooked me up with a Frank Sinatra Chrissie album which is my fav these past 2 days - love it.  People are all planning Christmas parties and so on - the panic is settling in deeper.  Double edged sword this Christmas is:
That's a mouldy old thesis, in case you were wondering
Movies: Saw Breaking Dawn P1 last Friday with the Married One - absolutely hilarious.  Brilliant stuff.  So, so funny.  Will take my Mum at the beach if its still on in a couple of weeks. (hear that Mum?  What a treat!)
Books:  Finished The Magicians a couple of weeks ago, I can't even remember when, and it took me a couple of weeks to get through it - not too riveting.  
And for all the calls of it being 'the adults Harry Potter' - a pox on your soul sir! I say.  The end did redeem the book as a whole, but there was a shit-load of unstructured waffle to get there.  Read it if you have nothing better to do, otherwise - one to miss.
Books:  Heaps (and heaps bro) of peeps kept telling to to read The Hunger Games books, which I finally got around to doing this last half week - Saturday late evening after a soul-crushing day of fly work I read the first one straight, took only 5 hours (these are YA fiction novels, not too long or difficult to read) then I chewed through the second on Sunday and the third Monday and Tuesday late-evenings.

The Married One has them now and has abandoned her current read for the first - as good a recommendation as any.  Good, good stuff.  And I totally feel the metaphor - guilt for being soo Capitol.  If you haven't yet (and I might be the only one in the world who had not) definitely go and read the suckers.  Brilliant.

Coincidentally - it is being made into a movie, comes out next year, and its doesn't look too horrific, but I don't see how they can fit everything in.

That's all.  See you in...a couple of days?!

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  1. You just made my exhausted-from-PhD-and-barely-functioning-brain so happy with that trailer! Glad you liked the books!!!