Sunday, December 18, 2011

Low Point

Watched The Holiday last night, and I can honestly say; before then I never saw the appeal in Jude Law, but now...

now - oh yum.  Sensitive Jude Law with glasses?!  Oh yes!

And I love Kate Winslet, but only since I saw her on Graham Norton and she was normal.  I also like how the brit chick doesn't jump into bed with the guy straight away, but the yank does.  Hmm.

Anyway - the gas-sniffing then window-face-slapping scene cracked me up.  Had my own 'low point' today - cracked a wish bone by myself, with a wish in each hand.


It was actually kind of awesome.


I have finished all of my Chrissie present making and wrapping - simple one this year, much less stress, even though most of it I did make myself, and I did leave it till the weekend before Christmas...
And just because I can't hold myself back, but am pretty sure the receiver won't read this now - I made this, which turned out so, so much better than I expected:
We ended up with spare wrapping paper in the lab at some point - beautiful black inked flower detail on rough-textured hand made paper.  I took it home and went nuts with my water colours, kind of like being a little kid with a colouring book - awesome.

Found a sweet shadow box frame which I lined with heavy art paper and then loosely fixed the painted wrapping paper on top - so that the weave buckles the paper and throws shadows behind it. 
More spontaneously impressed with myself than usual.

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