Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Door crumple-bastard

So, last night I popped out to the supermarket to get packing tape and a vivid to seal up some boxes (trying to do a couple of boxes a night to be ready for the truck in early January, and I leave for Mum & Dad's in a week and a half...also, remember - I nest like a crazy...lots of beautiful things I can't bear to part with), and some asshole tried to pull a u'ey through my car.  Through my car!!

I was driving down the main street (in South D...) at a moderate to slow speed, it was raining, I had my lights on, he didn't indicate and just smashed into my passenger side.  My car jumped over a bit, there was a big noise and I proceeded to freak out a wee bit (in my normal understated way.  Godamn - where is the ability to be hysterical when you need it?!).  I've never been in any kind of car accident before, and this wanker just ruined my perfect record.

And - the bastard had no insurance, and no license, and proceeded to text me all night and the next morning asking me not to report it and to give him a couple of days to 'sort something out'.

I don't bloody think so, buddy.

So I never replied, rang my broker first thing this morning, filled out the claims form including a transcript of each of his texts (which culminated in his asking for my address so he could come over and we could talk), submitted it, visited the panel beater for an initial estimate and filled out an accident report form at the police station this afternoon.  Unfortunately I didn't get his registration number since he completed his U-turn and parked about 100m back up the road, and I was too freaked out to even think to ask for it, so I have little hope the little wanker will get what's coming to him (you have to have a license to drive for a reason. God.), but at least there is a small chance.

In the mean time, my broker is brilliant and the panel beater was lovely - estimate of $2000 damage, will need to replace both the doors and should only take about a week.  Brill.  Still - I have lost at least a full day of thesis writing in having to sort it out, and I still need to get it actually fixed.  (and again, I leave in a week and a half for 2 weeks).

After the fact, I continued to the supey, parked and rang my mum for a wee cry on the phone.  When I stopped shaking I went in for my godamn packing tape and vivid, and apparently chocolate was on sale, cause I ended up with two blocks - one of which I randomly carried in to The Crazy One's house where I went for a cuppa next, and to have her experienced dad-is-a-mechanic-and-she-used-to-be-a-girl-racer eyes have a look at it.  Weird.
EDIT: Ok, so TCO's Dad is a panel beater, not a mechanic, 'cause they are different things.  Apparently.

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