Thursday, December 29, 2011

Water rose

317/365 A Splash of Rose [Explore]
So lovely.  Far too cleaver for me (17 photo composite?!).  Anthony Chang, Here, via.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On Repeat

Watched The Bodyguard with the fan-damily last night, and this song is subsequently stuck in my head.

Epic pipes.  Its on repeat while I belt out off-tune "Iiiiiiiiiii will always looooove you, Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..."

Good times.  Love the parents built-in sound system - inside and outside *naughty grin*  (shhh - don't tell, but I'm pretty sure their neighbours hate me and my music, but only when the parents are out.  Heh.). 

12 Magic's of Chrissie: 11

Shower Pressure.

I am not kidding - the parents house has the most amazing shower pressure.  My house in Dunedin has probably the worst.  You know how much hair I have - you can imagine how long it takes to wash it at home.  Here?  About 10 seconds flat.

Its a beautiful, beautiful thing.

12 Magics of Chrissie: 10

The magic - everything.  The beach, the family, the food, the sun, the holiday...

I know, I know – I’m late.  However, the rule reads that Chrissie lasts until New Years Eve (which is also coincidentally my-birthdays-eve, and *that* particular rule reads that my birthday lasts a week on either side – including corresponding no-dishes-privileges) so I’m ok to continue. 

I’m only late because life is good – I have had…6?!  Holy craptesictulars Batman – has it really been 6 days already?!  Ok – six days of beautiful holiday including a wonderful Christmas day and I haven’t been able to contemplate touching my computer let alone pulling it out of its bag.  Broke the seal yesterday to start work on my thesis once more – I cried myself to sleep (not actually – I read myself to sleep, Chrissie books!  Whoop!).

So here I am warming up my fingers for thesis, cup of tea at my side in my favourite Mum-china mug, a magnificent view of the parents garden, including berry vines and veges for Africa, and the ocean twinkling blue in the distance.  It’s not too hot and there is a bit of cloud (prequel to the horror coming tomorrow, countrywide storms NZ?  Really?) so the glare and outside-pull factors are restrained.  I have two tired doggies sleeping at my feet and a quiet house – Mum has cleared the nana, uncle and cousin off to Tauranga for the day (with the promise of more berries from the farm on the return journey), and Dad has popped out to the dump/recycling (did we really drink that much?!).

Presents, you ask?  A few wee beautiful things from my most favourite people.  With my being hopeful of leaving the country this year the scope for stuff was limited – and I really could not think of anything I wanted that I did not have or could not procure for myself (you know, apart from the wishes – a man in my life, a job, financial security, the health and happiness of my family and friends, a thesis, a man in my life – blah blah blah (maybe for my birthday, magic-present-making-god?! Yeah?!)).  Mum and Dad got me a beautiful glass bowl, Mum has been trying to replace my beautiful strawberry bowl that a negligent flatmate once tried to bake a soufflĂ© in – a hand blown glass bowl with decorative bubbles worked into the glass and hand forged glass strawberries on the side, which I got for my 21st.  No one has ever been able to find another like it – and we have all been looking.  My little baby brother has a new girlfriend who helped him shop this year, and the two of them did a remarkably good job.  Probably helped along by the fact that the bro now has a job.  And bigsib wowed and surprised everyone with beautiful things from England.

The dogs all have a silicone DNA toy now too, so all the animals in the family are sufficiently scienced.  Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the extendeds – a favorite dinner time entertainment is ‘rile Sarah with claims of faux scientific or religious argument’. 

“So now that you’re almost a doctor, Seerious, tell me – is this atheletes foot going to heal on its own?” *foot thrust in my face*

“So tell us, Seerious, which came first – the chicken or the egg?”  “How do you explain Noah’s arc?” and so on.  Little shits.  I find the best rejoinder is to ask if the boys are planning on marrying their girls.  Ever.  Have they thought about it?  What about babies?  Then of course Mum and Nana jump in with exclamations of delight and my work is done.

The boys went fishing on Boxing Day and brought back snapper etc for supper, I’ve been getting creative with salads at dinner and whipped up Chrissie ham and cheese scones for lunch yesterday – about a million of them which disappeared in about 10 minutes flat.  Apart from Mum making fresh batches of mincemeat pies, that’s the extent of the cooking/baking sitch this week.  So relaxed its amazing.  The last of the Chrissie pud disappeared last night with custard and icecream – I’m a bit sad about that.

Logan has been off exploring all days, comes in at dusk for a feed and then is off again for the night.  Super happy, jumps in my bedroom window, jumps on the dog, has a wee neck rub with him then tries to steal my water – gets angry when he finds I have covered it to prevent such action, jumps on my face in disgust and then yowels at the door to be let out into the hall.  Heaven forbid he jump back out the window and then in the dog-door to get to his food, not when humans can open doors for him.  He’s scoffing a full packet of meat a day – more if he sweet-talks my brother into a second feed, whereas in Dunedin it takes him 3-4 days to get through one.  He is still unsure of my Mum's dog – Jimmy does tend to have a wee bark at him, but then Logan did swipe his nose on first meeting, so stays to the downstairs part of the house.  I think in winter he will start moving up into the top floor for warmth and company.  It’s quite funny watching the three animals interact, Trouble joins in on the barking fun with Jimmy but then cries and whimpers at the fence for 10 minutes when his kitten runs away over it.  Very cute.

Alright, fingers are sufficiently warm.  Wait – what time is it?  Oh – definitely time for another cuppa.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


This Lego Crazy Family Builds a Different 100,000-Brick Model Every Christmas
Here, via.

Lovely wild art

This work make my eyes happy:
Tree, Line, by Zander Olsen
Tree, Line, by Zander Olsen
Tree, Line, by Zander Olsen
So strangely beautiful.  By Zander Olsen.  Via.

Low Point

Watched The Holiday last night, and I can honestly say; before then I never saw the appeal in Jude Law, but now...

now - oh yum.  Sensitive Jude Law with glasses?!  Oh yes!

And I love Kate Winslet, but only since I saw her on Graham Norton and she was normal.  I also like how the brit chick doesn't jump into bed with the guy straight away, but the yank does.  Hmm.

Anyway - the gas-sniffing then window-face-slapping scene cracked me up.  Had my own 'low point' today - cracked a wish bone by myself, with a wish in each hand.


It was actually kind of awesome.


I have finished all of my Chrissie present making and wrapping - simple one this year, much less stress, even though most of it I did make myself, and I did leave it till the weekend before Christmas...
And just because I can't hold myself back, but am pretty sure the receiver won't read this now - I made this, which turned out so, so much better than I expected:
We ended up with spare wrapping paper in the lab at some point - beautiful black inked flower detail on rough-textured hand made paper.  I took it home and went nuts with my water colours, kind of like being a little kid with a colouring book - awesome.

Found a sweet shadow box frame which I lined with heavy art paper and then loosely fixed the painted wrapping paper on top - so that the weave buckles the paper and throws shadows behind it. 
More spontaneously impressed with myself than usual.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 Magic's of Chrissie: 9

I'm all about the decorations right now.


The Doctor, under my tree?  I've been such a good girl this year, Santa!

Here, via. (expensive little suckers!)

12 Magic's of Chrissie: 8

Ooooo, Whovian papercraft for Chrissie!  Cheap, fun and completely lovely.



Dalek (fav!):

How-to's, other geekery and templates here.  Via.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 Magic's of Chrissie:7

I love the internet.

Look!  The Burrow! In gingerbread!

Plus Weasley Jumpers out front.



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Magic's of Chrissie: 6

My peeps.


Today I had a massive expt schedule, but it was a beautiful (too hot in the lab) day and my peeps went out for ice cream - and carted me back an ice-block.

Which was delicious.


12 Magic's of Chrissie: 5

This has to be magic - and I don't even watch the classic ones.  Santa was totes behind it.

I wish The Doctor (DT, of course....actually, MS might be ok too :D) would magically visit me for Christmas.

Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Magic's of Chrissie: 4


Instructions for making it yourself here.  Via.

 Magic. (Does anyone else see a themed tree in their future?!)

And these:

Beautiful. Here, via.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Door crumple-bastard

So, last night I popped out to the supermarket to get packing tape and a vivid to seal up some boxes (trying to do a couple of boxes a night to be ready for the truck in early January, and I leave for Mum & Dad's in a week and a half...also, remember - I nest like a crazy...lots of beautiful things I can't bear to part with), and some asshole tried to pull a u'ey through my car.  Through my car!!

I was driving down the main street (in South D...) at a moderate to slow speed, it was raining, I had my lights on, he didn't indicate and just smashed into my passenger side.  My car jumped over a bit, there was a big noise and I proceeded to freak out a wee bit (in my normal understated way.  Godamn - where is the ability to be hysterical when you need it?!).  I've never been in any kind of car accident before, and this wanker just ruined my perfect record.

And - the bastard had no insurance, and no license, and proceeded to text me all night and the next morning asking me not to report it and to give him a couple of days to 'sort something out'.

I don't bloody think so, buddy.

So I never replied, rang my broker first thing this morning, filled out the claims form including a transcript of each of his texts (which culminated in his asking for my address so he could come over and we could talk), submitted it, visited the panel beater for an initial estimate and filled out an accident report form at the police station this afternoon.  Unfortunately I didn't get his registration number since he completed his U-turn and parked about 100m back up the road, and I was too freaked out to even think to ask for it, so I have little hope the little wanker will get what's coming to him (you have to have a license to drive for a reason. God.), but at least there is a small chance.

In the mean time, my broker is brilliant and the panel beater was lovely - estimate of $2000 damage, will need to replace both the doors and should only take about a week.  Brill.  Still - I have lost at least a full day of thesis writing in having to sort it out, and I still need to get it actually fixed.  (and again, I leave in a week and a half for 2 weeks).

After the fact, I continued to the supey, parked and rang my mum for a wee cry on the phone.  When I stopped shaking I went in for my godamn packing tape and vivid, and apparently chocolate was on sale, cause I ended up with two blocks - one of which I randomly carried in to The Crazy One's house where I went for a cuppa next, and to have her experienced dad-is-a-mechanic-and-she-used-to-be-a-girl-racer eyes have a look at it.  Weird.
EDIT: Ok, so TCO's Dad is a panel beater, not a mechanic, 'cause they are different things.  Apparently.

12 Magic's of Chrissie: 3

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod - Jaffa Cakes!

So I did an exchange with a school in England when I was 14 and I fell in love with Jaffa Cakes - in wee New Zealand you can only get the delicious little suckers from 'English' speciality shops and very occasionally the international food isle at New World.

Today, while at the cop-shop reporting my wee car accident (hang tight for deets, peeps) a woman came in to report a lost wallet or something (I didn't start eavesdropping properly till later) carrying two massive boxes of heaven.  The police receptionist had a chat with her about them, because she loved them too - and the woman said about how she had only just gotten them at the New World up the road, for a measly ~$13 each.

So, of course, I dragged The Baby One there after our visit to the panel beaters.  There were none on the shelves - but a lovely young woman snuck two boxes from storage out the back for me.  And then the chick manning the self-checkouts was like, "omg, I love those!  I didn't even know we sold them!"

Spreading the Jaffa Cakes Secret Love.  Hooking all my peeps up.
Whoop.  Logan's on duty, they're safe.

12 Magic's of Chrissie: 2

The Dinosaurs Night Before Christmas

With CD, and my fav clip:   The Allosaurus Chorus.  You can hear a bit of it behind this trailer:

Santasaur!  Whoop!

Via The Oxford One.  Love.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One of those days

My last control line have been hatching since Sunday so I've been back sorting and counting flies (on top of daily dead counts) which is soul destroying, and blah blah some other stuff blah blah -

and then; some bastard smashes into the side of my car!

More on that wee disaster later (Argghhhh!!!), but in the mean time I have been trying to pack up a wee bit of stuff each late-evening, and this represents about one third of my library (in the banana boxes) and my linen cupboard...yup, I have a well stocked linen cupboard. (like generations of women in my family before me).
Packing sucks.

12 Magic's of Chrissie: 1

I'm going to immortalise 12 epic moments of epicness this lead-up to Christmas; first - The Old One's Aunt's amazing house.

Seriously.  You have no idea how much I have fallen in love with this house - after spending only the one evening in it.  (helped along by the beautiful people inhabiting it, of course, and a glass or two of red...)

Amazing little (and big) beautiful things, hiding in ever nook and cranny, every surface and hangable-protrusion.  And of course, a splash of kiwi.  Crystal and glass, glitter and gilt - ah-maze-ing.
And then the themed rooms, and the embellishments over the staircases and fireplaces and so many beautiful trees.
And the best, most beautiful room, for last:

Friday, December 2, 2011

Good day

Its completely beautiful outside for the second day in a row - I've said it before and I'll probably say it again, but when Dunedin does good, it does good.

Sweet quiz with primo questions to find out just exactly what dinosaur you would be - I know you all have been wondering forever about that.

Brilliantly, because it has my name in, I'm:
Boo Yah!

And its National Jandal Day here in NZ, represent!  
Love how tan the camera flash makes my legs look

Of course I have lab-suitable shoes in my bag ready for normal lab duty.  *sigh* such are the sacrifices we make for science.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

No time, plus Books (wait...what?)

Life is such crazy shiznizzle right now.  So - a segmented mish-mash of random.
First - the thesis-pill of choice this week is M&M's, which get eaten in colour order - yesterday: Blue.
No comments on my posture thank you, Mum

Today is green, and The Mini One went and sneaked a red one into the middle of the pile, you have no idea how quickly the bottom dropped out of my world.  But its ok, because the office is full of volunteer M&M disposal units.
Flies on weekends think thus:
Yes, that is a scientifically accurate diagram of a Drosophila
Last weekend when grocery shopping at half 8 in the evening, I splashed out for thin sliced corned beef - and have been having epic sandwiches all week - with caramelised onion relish.  Life is good.

Related, just wait for it - this photo of an old, and much loved hated lab member has become a bit of a lab ghost - turning up in the most unexpected and surprising places.  A couple of days ago The Crazy and Mini ones' snuck him into the middle of my beautiful sandwiches:
It was hilariously unexpected enough (no one had seen him for months) that I forgave their molesting of my lunch.
And just because I can, this:
Let me know if you need some hair, I have some spare
The cats manky wound is fully healed and now he has what looks like a random shaved-chest-patch.  He and Trouble ran backwards and forwards from my room to the kitchen for about 20 minutes last night, the cat leading the dog and then swiping him in the face when he dared to try and overtake him.  I'm not sure what the rules where exactly, since it wasn't quite 'chase', perhaps we could call it "Logan always wins", that might be the most truthful.

Its been so hot lately (ok, ok - by Dunedin standards at least), my quilt has been thrown on the floor more often than not.  Tidied up my room the other day (disgusting, its just easier to throw everything on the floor and worry about it post-thesis) and I found an old bone lovingly poked into the middle of the scrunched up quilt.  Obviously quite a safe place for hiding things is my quilt/bedding/pillows, but Trouble was most upset when I told him off and threw it out the door - before shutting it and telling him to go to sleep, so he couldn't even re-locate it that evening.
Its officially December (, the first day of the month?) and Chrissie is officially allowed in the lab - I'm trying to sneak in the x-tunes on the lab music-vomiting-machine as often as possible - The Old One hooked me up with a Frank Sinatra Chrissie album which is my fav these past 2 days - love it.  People are all planning Christmas parties and so on - the panic is settling in deeper.  Double edged sword this Christmas is:
That's a mouldy old thesis, in case you were wondering
Movies: Saw Breaking Dawn P1 last Friday with the Married One - absolutely hilarious.  Brilliant stuff.  So, so funny.  Will take my Mum at the beach if its still on in a couple of weeks. (hear that Mum?  What a treat!)
Books:  Finished The Magicians a couple of weeks ago, I can't even remember when, and it took me a couple of weeks to get through it - not too riveting.  
And for all the calls of it being 'the adults Harry Potter' - a pox on your soul sir! I say.  The end did redeem the book as a whole, but there was a shit-load of unstructured waffle to get there.  Read it if you have nothing better to do, otherwise - one to miss.
Books:  Heaps (and heaps bro) of peeps kept telling to to read The Hunger Games books, which I finally got around to doing this last half week - Saturday late evening after a soul-crushing day of fly work I read the first one straight, took only 5 hours (these are YA fiction novels, not too long or difficult to read) then I chewed through the second on Sunday and the third Monday and Tuesday late-evenings.

The Married One has them now and has abandoned her current read for the first - as good a recommendation as any.  Good, good stuff.  And I totally feel the metaphor - guilt for being soo Capitol.  If you haven't yet (and I might be the only one in the world who had not) definitely go and read the suckers.  Brilliant.

Coincidentally - it is being made into a movie, comes out next year, and its doesn't look too horrific, but I don't see how they can fit everything in.

That's all.  See you in...a couple of days?!