Friday, November 25, 2011

Yay! Friday!

Not that it really matters - will be in the lab first thing to take dead counts like normal anyway.

I've been a zombie all week, in part due to Dros-induced-insanity, part due to tiredness, part due to thesis stress and in part due to my ovaries screaming out to me in their little hormone voices:

"Don't waste another egg SM!  Why do you hate us so much?!"

Because the ovaries are the original home of passive aggressive emotional manipulation.  Fuck you ovaries!  Find your own man!  Why do I have to do all the work for you?!


Yeah - so, in other news - last night I cleaned out a couple of shelves on one of my book cases, due to the whole encroaching moving-out thing, and threw four years of accumulated undergraduate lecture notes, exam scripts and assignments in the recycling bin (recycling of paper, not recycling cheating of undergrads!).  You need to understand - I am a copious note taker.  I am also a prodigious doodler and some of those suckers have become art - a precious record of a time and friends gone by.

So that was hard.  (and I shall confess in a small voice, least Mum gets annoyed at the extra stuff to store, that I did save the most precious).  And it was amusing to re-read some of the comments left by lecturers during my undergrad years, whom I now know quite well - hindsight eh?

Again in other news - today for lunch (end of the week, end of the fridge-mining capabilities) I had a caramelised onion scone scroll, which might just have been the most ugly-looking scone in the world - but it was, surprisingly, delicious.
Already slightly picked apart.

Shall re-create on Sunday and pop in the freezer for emergency lunch occasions in future.

And finally, because its home/dinner/I-miss-my-Trouble-time and we are going to see the newest Twilight movie tonight (I am anticipating the most awesome of hilariousness) I'll leave you with the fridge:
Mmmm ghost chips for dinner...  

(Also, Sugarplum asked why the 'e' and 'x' were so close to each other, all the time - I'm sure you can guess the most frequent word The Authoress and I have up there, just from that).

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