Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have been exam supervising this past month and the Supervisor-In-Charge of my room is an avid quilter.  I'm working on my second bed quilt - to send to the bigsib for homesickness in the UK, and then one for myself to take over and I definitely appreciate the skill and time/effort/passion involved.

Margaret won the Hoffman challenge a while back, this competition involves making a patchwork/quilted artwork from a specified meter of fabric.  There are other rules - like it cannot be bigger than 1 meter square and cannot be either square or rectangular in shape.

This was her winning piece:

Photo credit: Margaret & Mike O'Cain

Completely sublime, and you cannot even see the epically detailed stitching in this piece from the photo.

The year after Margaret's submission was this:

Photo credit: Margaret & Mike O'Cain

This one is my favourite, and completely beautiful.  I just love the colours and the elegance of the neck.  You can't see but each wee piece of fabric in the tail is individually stitched on.  I have seen the beginnings of her submission for this year and it is looking gorgeous already, sans stitching.

In other quilting news, this popped up in my feed last week, a quilted version of the Crab Nebula:
By Jimmy McBride and via.  Worth about USD$12k (I shit you not) and available on Etsy.

Loving it.

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