Thursday, November 10, 2011


In my 'house' at least - first of November - that's the rule.

So, at work I have a wee tree on the filing cabinet and a plethora of red and green LEDs around my desk - plus a wee fibre optic tree.  Beautiful USB ridiculousness.  Note the star made from pipette tips, a falcon tube and parafilm:
Those canes are about...4 years old

Lets not look too closely at the mess.

And at home my tree is resplendent in tinsel and glass ornaments.  Makes life more exciting when you have a  cat and a dog intent on catching everything hanging from it.
See the dinosaur shadow by Santa on the TV?  Good times.  Plus of course the TARDIS on Santa's other side.

Man, I love Chrissie lights and tinsel

The bigsib sent a wee parcel from the UK which arrived this week - it is perhaps the best advent calendar ever invented.  It got a bit mixed up en route, but I can't wait for the first! (I hope the chocolates are in shapes...)

I love Christmas.

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