Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh yuck, kitten!

So last-last week we had the conference of the-people-who-own-my-soul, and right before running out to the conf dinner (after a day of comedic errors, which I shall not get into in depth - but including the destruction of the pair of pants I was wearing and the required run to the shop for emergency-pants; Just. Don't. Ask) I threw myself down on my bed (had been running between conf and my fly room amongst all the errors) and stretched out an arm to scratch Logan under the chin.  He enjoyed it for a few seconds then decreed it was dinner time and got up - and stretched.  During the stretch, I got a flash of fleshy pink, I grabbed his scruff, probably none too gently, and ruffled through his fur - he had a massive gaping wound-hole on his chest.  The skin was missing, about the size of my thumb nail, and the viscera was showing through, all pulsating-like.

I threw the window shut and slammed the door before he could escape and rang the vet.  Luckily my vet is awesome and we popped in for a half 6 appointment.  Turns out - they couldn't explain it.  They even took photos for their own records.  They think it could have happened in a fight - where some hulk-cat took a mouthful of flesh and fur from him, or he could have caught it on some sharp-bit while jumping over a fence or such like, or it could have been a ruptured abscess.  The edges were a little healed, so he had had it for a wee while.  But, the little bugger, he was completely unconcerned - his temp was normal, he was eating and drinking like normal, beating up Trouble like normal etc etc, no indication of anything being wrong with him at all.

So they shaved his chest (its ok, I like my boys with hairless chests - got Trouble's done last week) shoved a finger all up inside his gaping wound with cleaning fluid - through which he just chilled the fuck out, -obviously living with Trouble has made a trip to the vets seem like a kitten-holiday.  He didn't even mind the shaver or the ahem, thermometer.  The vet-nurse was a bit shocked.  But my boys are awesome.

He was on antibiotics for a week and anti-inflammatory/pain meds for 4 days (not that he needed it, such a kiwi bloke) and the hole was closed 4 days later. That is some impressive shiznizzle.
I'll admit to a wee freak right after I hung up on the vet, of the cat-cancer-I-can't-cope-without-my-boys-don't-leave-me variety.  But the mother and The Married One both dealt with my slightly hysterical texts with aplomb.

And - I still made it to the conf dinner that night.  BooYah.

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