Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gotta make more Time

This week feels like it has been going on forever.


Supervised two exams on Monday and one Tuesday afternoon, and now I am all done with that - hopefully with enough extra cash to last the 'holiday' season, and then I'll be applying for jobs proper.


Its obviously going to be one of those days - and I seem to be having a disproportionate number of them lately.  (but it will all be worth it in the end!... yeah).  So I brought coffee on the way into work, long black 'cause apparently that's how I roll these days (when did that happen?!) and due to the supernova hotness I have been just breathing in the delicious coffee air off the top of the cup for the last ten minutes.

I seem to be in a 'type out the numerals mood'.  Strange.

So the coffee is good, Alterbridge is blasting out my ear drums (who needs good ears when you have an audiologist for a bigsib?!) and I am in a writing mood.  Which is lucky cause my needles still have not arrived and I am not due to turn my fly-kiddies till tonight.  Writing it is.


We went to see 'In Time' last night, The Old One (heh) and Mister Married One and I - good stuff.  JT is looking pretty fine these days. (Its probably his pretty eyes).

Gotta love a man who can rock a bow tie.  Yum.

Massive parallels with The End Specialist, which I talked about a wee while back.  Degradation of society as a result of people wanting to live forever.  This concept was a bit different - 'time' is now money and the rich keep the poor dying off by raising the cost of living.  After all - 'many must die for a few to live forever'.  Of course JT is the hardened streetwise kid from the time ghetto who meets up with the time-rich pretty kid, they fall in love and try to save the world.  Because you know, 'we were never meant to live forever'.  And immortality is "not worth it if even one has to die".

What is this "meant"?

There is no mention of people going insane with old age, and the ones who get sick of it can simply 'time out' (fancy future slang for suicide), so if one can, what is this meant?!  And there is no mention of GE to make everyone beautiful, yet the time-rich people all are.  Did the GE-birth take care of all ills and deformities?  The only way to die is by 'violent accident'?

Anyway - complete sidestep on the background scientific development.  Apparently everyone is genetically engineered, no option, no alternative - you just pop out of your mother with a glowing green clock on your arm.  At the age of 25 you stop ageing and your clock starts, and you have 1 year to make more time.  I found it funny when the rich girl tells JT that she is 2 at 25 while he is 3 at 25 and they have a little moment - like it matters finding a partner close to your real age in an immortal world?!  And everyone in the time ghettos live one day at a time and run everywhere - no time to spare walking.

Do you think I can put this and the earlier book in my thesis?  So totally relevant...

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