Monday, November 14, 2011

Get some culture in 'ya

Went to the Ballet on Saturday night with The Crazy One and an old family friend of hers who hooked us up with tickets (he son was Puss in Boots).

The ballet was Tchaikovsky's The Sleeping Beauty and it was lovely - absolutely gorgeous costuming and the set was fantabulous.  The dancing was a bit repetitive at times and came across as a wee bit boring, though I hesitate to use the word, since if we were just watching the dancing it would  have been a lovely portrayal of their skill, but in context of the story it was a bit...slow.  Not my favourite, but not my least liked either.  The Regent was packed full and the atmosphere was delightful - I love that people still dress up beautifully for a night at the theatre.  The orchestra always gives me a spine tingle - there's nothing better than live music, its always a wee bit of a let down when the music is piped in. (not that happens too often, especially since I've been in the South Island.  Perhaps Napier is just too small a draw for a full orchestra, all the time).  Lovely night out with my homegirl at any rate, and the costumes...yeah.

And I must say - Prince Charming's butt was like a symphony in marble.  Think Adonis statues of old, prancing about the stage in a costume sinfully painted on.  (and I dare you to google image search 'marble adonis butt'.  Go on, its not worse than the hot tub incident at any rate...)


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