Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fright Night!

The Old One (hugs!) and I went to see Fright Night on all Hallows Eve and ended up being the only two in the theatre - which worked out perfectly since were were anything but quiet.

Brilliant movie, loved it.

Firstly - one of my most favourite actors; My Doctor:

Who was absolutely superb, as usual.

And every bodies favourite delicious badboy:


I'll give you a minute to collect yourself.  (and admit to TOO and I yelling at the screen "take your damn shirt off!" one too many times).  And we all know I have an unnatural (but totally cool) fascination with vampire lore.

The wee squick of teen romance was revolting (I'm so anti that shit at the moment) but the entire movie was hilarious, and Toni Collette was the Mum - come a long way since Muriel (1994?! Holy shit!).  Several good frights, though I find it hard to jump when I'm belly laughing and the both of us are yelling "He's already downstairs!  He's right there! There!  Take his shirt off!".  

3D and worth it for about 3 scenes, otherwise, as usual - 3D not worth the ridiculous twenty dollars.

Ahhhhhhh, escapism is my friend (you know who I wish was my friend?  Colin.  In case you didn't pick that up already.  You know - for the benefits of friendship.  Yum.)

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