Friday, November 18, 2011

Day O'Fun

Its an annual tradition in the lab to go for a Day o' Fun at the end of the undergraduate year, since the minions honours students have usually left by the time the Chrissie party organises itself; it evolved as a way to say kaythanxbye.

This year, it was coffee and pastries followed by curling followed by lunch (followed by lab work).

The curling was excellent.  Only ~1 of us had done it before, and while I was expecting it to be fun, it was so much more.  Of course I think it greatly depends on the group of people, and the lab cannot go anywhere without great spirits and ensuing hilarity.

Brilliant good fun.

Of course about half of the group were inducted into the illustrious teacup club (bits-over-teacup, as it were), with TCO inducting herself about three times - one spectacular swan dive which involved bouncing her chin off the ice.

Conveniently enough, this occurred with photographic evidence:
And the resulting bruise:

My team won (final score of 3-7), through no short stroke of luck - and the sneaky Old One dropped a number to alter the final score in the photo - lies, I assure you.
So if you ever get a chance - go curling, but don't be all worried about winning, that shiz is hard.

Fun fact - each stone is worth something like $1400, I shit you not.  Crazy huge investment.

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