Monday, November 21, 2011


My lovely mother and a family friend found/somehow acquired a bag of truly hideous Christmas-themed pompoms and decided to sneak them into a parcel for me at some stage.

I decided to utilise the awesomeness that is my craft suitcase:

Mod them up, and send them right on back.  Conveniently enough, I had some ribbon, super glue and some polyester balls ( I say conveniently - but of course I had random shit lying about perfect for the task):

The result:

I figure they'll adorn either side of a doorway or some other- I don't mind too much, it got rid of some shit out of my jam packed craft suitcase!

And in other news, Trouble is getting in the Chrissie spirit (and is such a poser):
On second thought, I don't know if its 'Chrissie spirit' so much as 'my doggy soul is shrivelling and dying right now'...

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