Monday, October 31, 2011



I have a bit of a head cold, so I am perhaps not in the best of moods.

Don't get me wrong - the weekend was not bad.

I baked some cakes!  The Clementine recipe from before, only I boiled up 5 very anaemic early NZ lemons, upped the sugar volume and baked for longer (over-boiled, so the fruit were swimming in the most lovely reduced lemon syrup - threw that in as well).  Ordered a kilo of ground almond from here at the advice of the homeboys awesome girly half.  (who I saw Footloose with last week - hilarious).

Very good.

I am exam-supervising all week and was going to take the smaller cake in for Neil's birthday, but decided my freezer deserved it more.  (12 eggs, come on!) Lets keep that to ourselves, yeah?

Again no piccies cause I've been lax with the photography lately - for example last weekend I made 4 batches of cookies for the RWC final: jam drops, coconut brownies, anzacs and seed cookies.  They looked lovely, but - no photos.  (I think I did take one of the very first dough batch...not sure).  I do have a lunchbox photo for you though!  Happy Day!  (not even a bit sinky in the middle, rejoice!)
Mmmm, bitter lemon to even me out...heh

And look!  I did take a dough shot.  Used massive coconut shavings instead of peanuts for the brownies; not a big fan of peanuts.  Love coconut.

On Saturday I made spinach cannelloni for TCO and her boyish half, not as good as I remember the bigsib making, though I swear I used the same recipe as her.  Paired it with garlic bread 'cause I was feeling lazy, and you can't really top spinach in the vege stakes, right?  Threw a bit of herb salt in the butter mix to jazz things up, came out too salty, though no one else seemed to mind.  And there is no way to make cannelloni except to stuff the little buggers using your fingers.  FYI.

I've been feeling exceptionally old this weekend, strange things building up, like suddenly preferring red wine to white, long blacks to lattes, the birthday in 2 months tomorrow - 26 and crossing the barrier towards 30.  (I know my loves, you are all older and more awesome, let me have 2 seconds of pity party, yeah?).  Trouble is over 2 years old and appears very well behaved to strangers (how did that happen?!), the cat is more affectionate and my old-man keeper (he keeps the dog and myself in line), the thesis will be done sooner rather than later (think long term, months not weeks - least you get your silly little hopes up too high), the house needs paint 'cause its been so long and I have been enrolled at Uni for nine years (the 9th soooo doesn't count...)

How did this happen?!


I spilled my coffee about 5 times on the short walk from GE to work.  I'm not complaining - it was very pretty:

And Allie is back, whom the whole internet loves, and has drawn the most apt depression progression I have ever seen.  That woman is a brilliant person.  Hugs.

My Chrissie tree goes up tomorrow.  Wow.


  1. DUDE! If you make sure the spinach is chopped up fairly small (and assuming it's mixed with other ingredients in your filling, I usually do cottage cheese [cheat's cheapo ricotta-a-like], feta, onions, garlic and an egg) you can use a piping bag to fill them (or a zip lock with the corner cut off). Also, I do lazy canneloni using fresh lasagne sheets cut into rectangles, rolled up with the filling inside and placed seam side down into your baking dish. Easy peasy.

  2. You're like a goddess among men. From now onwards, all of my menus will be run past your eyes first.

    You've brought this on yourself.