Friday, October 21, 2011

We call it 'Mufasa'

Brace yourselves people, you are about to see something which may scar your unborn children:  My face.  And - my hair.

dum dum duuuuuuuum!

But first - backstory!

Ok, so I've lamented about the hair before, the blaming of the parents etc etc.  First year of my PhD I had a mohawk, like this:
And it was rockin'

That was in the first year of my PhD, 2008 (student ID photo).  I've been growing it fairly steadily since about three quarters of the way through that year (that was my student politics year, good times).

Recently I decided to try a new sitch for dealing with the mop- not only use the ridiculously expensive hair products I have become accustomed to, but to cut back to one wash a week - one wash followed by at least 30 minutes of protein treatment.

Ok, ok, so now you know - I might be a little vain with regards to my hair.  You have to pick and choose the body parts you love right?  (like my feet.  I love my feet - they always look so small but the bastards are actually a 42)

The hair routine works - curls are hell with the dry aspect of things, and add in epic thickness and quantity - you have all the ingredients for taking over a small third world country at least.

So, blah blah blah - this:
Holy shit, is that what I look like?!

That's a shitload of growth in 3 years - and if its brushed or straightened a little, its a lot longer.  But - fun times!  I have never felt like my hair suits me more than it does right now.  And you have to admit - doing sweet FA to your hair all week is a pretty mint deal.

Rock the crazy hair my lovelies!

Also - way to look decades older!  Sheesh!  

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